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  1. Good luck but I think that names taken its a group that was on America's got talent Oh aceofspades I just realized I have a Xbox so I could I join yours jobo?
  2. I'll join but I'm semi-new can you explain how to. Never mind I figured it out,
  3. It could be a hint...or that's how they let down the thousands of people who send bad suggestions
  4. I would hate that I loved RDR until than I hated it I would hate for their to be mulitiple story lines for any game especially GTA5
  5. No not a screencap more like he had a picture of the background while he was drawing it so it would be pretty close to an exact copy that's what I think he did anyway.
  6. I was Gunna say isn't the background from the gta 5 trailor you can see the Blimp and everything looks just like it to me anyway. Oh and part of the vinewood sign
  7. I want to be able to hit a stick of a tree with a hummer and be able to break the tree unIke in 4 Where the hummer would break
  8. Well if you look on the first page it shows a pic of a ton of snow that was taken in California so I take my former statement back.
  9. But it would be awesome If there was diffrent seasons WINTER Skiing Ice skating (possible on a date) SUMMER Surfing Swimming (in a pool not just randomly swimming) FALL Football Baseball Various sports SPRING I can't think of anything for spring