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  1. Packie was class! I would love him or an african american as the main character
  2. An old protag! You cant see someone 60 running round killing someone and bike around the city!
  3. I had a read of it and it said the protagonist is around 30 years , black , hispanic.
  4. Fun cheats back , Yeah I would do the game with out cheats first and then have some fun ! XD
  5. If the gameplay was the same as IV , you couldnt really do anything SA was the best for gmeplay the story was good and you could add tatoos , hair styles , clothes
  6. I agree with Do Boy , There should be a fresh character but not old because evryone seems to think the guy looking over on San Andreas in the GTA V trailer is the protag and i'm thinking this too. I would personally like a Hispanic or im not trying to be racist a young black person along the lines of CJ....
  7. Just think of the money loss if they put it on PS3 only....
  8. For the people saying he is Kendal's and Cesar's son name Dwayne Johnson or Michael Johnson are obvs wrong , since when did you take the mothers name? I think your wrong mate , Wouldnt if he was there son im sure he would take Cesars surname yes?
  9. It would be class if you played as the black guy in the trailer and were in the grove street gang as cjs son
  10. I would like the hole of SA but a big map of Los Santos would be fine Just another thought....If it was only going to be in Los Santos why would they have San Andreas on the car number plates?