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  1. Rockstar is too big for E3 they say, and they are right, new info will come in few weeks probably
  2. In my opinion, GTA is well known for its amazing taste for music, seen in GTA3, GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA LCS, GTA VCS but GTA4 had bad music if u ask me. What would greatly ruin GTA5 not just for me but for alot of people is if they take the next step and put in teen celeberty pop crap. I mean i remember being in SA in a police chase i put on Slow Ride on KDST, would be pretty hard to get pursuit adrenaline when listening to some 16 year old talking about love with a lonely gitaur solo... Actually if you look go to youtube and search any GTA SA radio station almost every one of them will be: "bring the old stations back" i couldnt agree more, besides it is still San Andreas.
  3. The Cops should be like in Mafia 2, they were perect they would pull you over for speeding and give you a ticket say nice day and leave. But if u pull a weapon they dont shoot you right away they just arrest u but if u aim at them...ooh shit they be chasin' you with police cars while shooting tommyguns out te windows. Put together, small crimes more real and big crimes with more violence.
  4. Well depends on the intro and stuff, but i get you, when u are totally free for the first time i would do as in every GTA game beginning: Steal a Stallion or a Sabre lookalike car and get myself a gun. With that shit taken care of you can start your journey
  5. I am assuming the same, either the glock, the 92f or a gun very similar to the USP, but coming to think of it, the glock has been one of the most used guns on gta games, not only that, but law enforcement seems to use it as well, although it seems like the 92f is more of a preferred options for LAPD (lspd in this case) The glock has been used in GTA LCS and GTA4, how can it be most used? The most used is sure as hell the Sig p226/m1911, not sure witch one cuz the gun has 17 rounds. It has been in GTA3, GTA VC, GTA SA.