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  1. I think that would be kinda gay.. now the interactive shitting!That's an Idea!
  2. I don't think this would fit into GTA really I dont
  3. Yes, Realism will stay, and tbh no I do not agree that TBoGT was goofy
  4. I believe that we will play as a mid aged(young) Latino gang member, I think that the man featured in the trailer will be a main character maybe a mission giver, but not a playable character. I also think that (AND I am not going off of any stupid Youtube Fuckheads or any1 else this is just what I believe) That you might be of some relation to ceaser vialpanio. I also think packie will play into the game as probalbly someone that you do a couple jobs for. I don't think niko will be anypart. If they bring niko in the game he would be like a guy that is in a mission with you doing a job, but not someone that u communicate with (you walk into packies house in a cutscene, niko is sitting on the couch) but that is alll. I don't even think that will really happen but there is a whole load of evidence/speculation that says Packie and maybe niko will be in SAN ANDREAS(not neccasarily los santos) at the time of GTA5
  5. I don't think it will be a very large part of the game
  6. Personally I really liked the balance GTA offers. I didn't like how sr1 went from on the realistic side to sr2 which was unreal to sr3 which was like a differnt game. I personally hope and expect rockstar to stay on the same path when it comes to realism, but If anything I would think they would make it more realistic than making a dramtic(and stupid) turn to complete unreal.(sr1 to sr3) smh
  7. dude why can everyone reserve the game and talks about reserving it? No where near me is taking reservations...Probably because Platforms haven't even been officially announced yet (I mean we all know what they are for the most part) but I'm kind of confused why there a a bunch of legitimate companies and businesses taking reservations, and some even have release dates whether R* is going to say something soon or not they kinda just need to to clear up a lot of confusion which they have done before. But that makes you think, if they are making no strives to disprove these rumors is this "October Release" stuff actually legit ?
  8. I guess part of me still hopes that we were not introduced the the main character in the trailer... I just see a completely different approach to the return of Los santos. I feel gangs will still be a big part of this game, and I don't see how this character would "fit" into that, I know rockstar hasn't done it with a Gta, but I'm not so sure the almighty "Protag" featured in the debut Trailer is going to be the main playable character.
  9. Well it obviously has to come out in 2012, well all be dead in 2013 obvious is obvious
  10. When can we expect more Official GtaV news? whether it be a trailer, or a statment. Now that Max Payne 3 is out, do you think we can expect more info in the next few weeks? or are we waiting until e3? Opinions?
  11. Hey, I am a vivid fan of GTA and am extremely excited about gta5 I stumbled across this site n had to join, so yeah introducing myself as Lumpywins