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  1. I'm with ya. These last few days are just nagging at me. I just want it now. Quick, I should go to my local GameStop and steal it off the shelf!! Break in after hours that is. I just can't wait.
  2. I'm pretty certain that this is the same bridge as the one seen in the Official Gameplay Video, but you're just seeing it at a different angle. You're looking at the other end of the bridge as if the camera kept panning to the right from where it left offf in the video. If the video kept showing the camera moving right, you'd see what you see below, the other end of the bridge, plus with more cops waiting for Trevor. Trevor was the one seen in the gameplay video running from police in the desert areas and then he was seen turning onto this highway bridge with the camera looking further left than this vantage point but turning towrd this direction as Trevor flees police.
  3. Kinda going back to my last post, I just thought of a good way to get your local weather forecast in the game. An example would be hearing it on the car radio something like this: "Good morning Los Santos. Today's high looks to be a balmy 97 degrees under sunny skies, with light winds and high humidity. Slight chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies and somewhat cooler temps. only 88 degrees. Slight chance of storms. And that's today's weather from Los Santos Radio Weather. Now here's some hard rock..." Sound like a cool idea anyone? I think it would be funny actually to implement that into the in-game car radio stations. I mean, not only do I want to be a storm chaser myself someday, that's only part of it. All my life I've wanted to be on TV broadcasting the weather from The Weather Channel in Atlanta, GA.
  4. I'm a big weather buff myself. I actually want to be a storm chaser someday. But anyway, I have a few suggestions to make about weather. 1. If the game is going to have a local news station, why not have a local weather station too. You need to have the forecast so you can plan your missions according to what the weather will be like the next day, week, etc. 2. If you want realistic wind storm events, you would want to limit how strong the winds can get in the game. If the winds are over 58 mph, it will start causing structural damage. If the buildings can't be damaged, then winds in the game should not exceed 55 mph. At 40 - 50 mph in-game, patio furniture and umbrellas could begin to fly away, and people may have difficulty walking against it, but it won't be enough to damage buildings. 3. There should be snow in the mountainous areas, but not just any ordinary snow. It should be snow with many different levels of intensity, and combined with winds of 35+ mph to make it a blizzard. But the snowfall rates should be as follows (from lightest to heaviest): flurry, light snow, snow shower, moderate snow, moderately heavy snow, heavy snow, and whiteout conditions. On occasion, mix the wind with the heavier snowfall rates, and you'll have a blizzard. I think it would be cool to have realistic weather that you have to plan ahead for when scheduling a mission. Tuning into local weather broadcasts would be very helpful in planning missions.
  5. The map was from gtaforums by some guy named xrCore. They literally just copied it without changing anything except the colors and graphic design. This might be a dumb question, but this map I'm seeing, would it happen to be the actual map for GTA 5? The 'Los Santos' city part is real, the rest is speculation. Thanks guys. I just wasn't completely sure. I believe the city part is the actual thing like you stated. But the rest is only an idea of what it might look like? I wonder when we'll see the entire playing area map.
  6. The map was from gtaforums by some guy named xrCore. They literally just copied it without changing anything except the colors and graphic design. This might be a dumb question, but this map I'm seeing, would it happen to be the actual map for GTA 5?
  7. I'm going to do basically the same thing everyone else may do. I'm going to play the 1st intro mission, then just go drive around and explore this great map. (I had to do that in GTA 4). After some exploring, I'm gonna enter cheat codes for weapons and start shooting just about anything. I'm just gonna mostly tear everything up with heavy weapons. Have shootouts with Los Santos' finest. I just wanna hear all the different guns go off, so I'll just go shooting people up with different guns. I do plenty of free-roam shooting in GTA 4, but I'm limited on weapons. I can't wait to go around shooting in GTA 5 because I'll have more weapons to try out. And I'm about to pre-order the Special Edition of GTA 5 at GameStop.
  8. Yes gtagrl, that actually is a bike on the top right.
  9. The only vehicle I'm interested in right at this moment is a tank. I haven't heard any confirmation as to whether there will be a tank, but I would love to see one. I enjoy blowing shit up with it. #1 vehicle for creating some serious mayhem and awesome destruction!!
  10. You staff are really getting on my nerves. Now you wanna make fun of me because I think someone will be suspended if I report them? Take that back, NOW!. Nobody is to make fun of me!!!. I've been made fun of plenty of times growing up in grade school. I don't need it again from a GODDAMN website about a GTA game. Take that back now, or in the next few months or so, I'll be hard at work finding out the location this message was sent from, including the IP address, and come there one day and gun down the person who sent this message to me, which is Massacre. Massacre will be Massacred with heavy automatic gunfire if they send another nasty message to me, and I find out where they are geographically. Believe me, I aint playing, I was once in prison for beaating someone, and I WAS a member of MS-13. Don't make me come looking for you, cuz, so help me God, if I find out where you are, you're mine, and I'll torture you for awhile before I kill you. I'm one sadistic motherfucker you DON"T wanna make fun of, so take it back now, before I start hacking into the computer to find out where you are and come up there to unload a whole Uzi mag in yo ass, bendejo!
  11. Ok, I won't turn this into a flame war, but would y'all out there just forget about the idea of another big city besides Los Santos, cuz there isn't going to be one. I just am not in the mood to be argued with on this. I'm drunk, I've had had lots of family issues lately, and it's not a good idea to argue with me now. I know what I've been reading on Rockstar's websites, so stop thinking you guys know it all, none of us do. I don't either, but I know enough that there isn't gonna be another big city besides Los Santos. Leave it at that; LET IT GO! It's just Los Santos this time people.
  12. I had no idea you had so much pull with the staff here. You must be very important. What's that supposed to mean, "you must be very important"? Don't flatter yourselves people. I know what I've read on Rockstar's news archives before. It plainly said "Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside, and beaches" and left it that without mentioning another big city in there. And what exactly do you mean when you say "I had no idea you had so much "pull" with the staff here"? Besides, if they were gonna put other cities in this game, they would have said that by now; that there would be other big cities to explore besides Los Santos. But they didn't, and they aren't going to in the future either, so it's Los Santos only. Enough arguing with me now, I'm drunk, and I'm really not in the mood for you people to argue this point with me. Until R* themselves confirm other big cities in GTA 5, this argument is over, next person to reply to this with another arguing statement is getting reported. DO NOT reply to this with anything other than an apology saying you're sorry, or you one day, you will be sorry!
  13. Oh, if, by any remote chance I'm wrong, and there is another city in GTA 5, then sue me, but from what I've been reading on Rockstar's websites, I only saw them mention quote: "Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside, and beaches" end quote. I did NOT see anything, no matter where I read up about this, pertaining to any other major cities in the game. There will NOT be a version of Las Vegas again (Las Venturas), and there certainly won't be a version of San Diego, so why don't you folks just LET IT GO GODDAMN YOU. It aint happenin; so forget about it. It's just Los Santos as the ONLY big city in the game. Like I also stated before, there may be small hick-towns in the mountains, but there is going to be NO other MAJOR metropolitan areas other than Los Santos; Los Santos is it, then wilderness, beaches, and maybe other small towns, but NOT major metropolitan cities.
  14. No they didn't. Uh, yes they did. Where did they say anything about another major city in their official announcement, huh? They didn't. They said "Los Santos and surrounding hills, countryside, and beaches". Did they mention another major city after that? NO. Now stop fucking with me and let it go; there is NO other big cities in GTA 5, and Rockstar DID confirm that. Now stop arguing with me on this before I report you and have your commenting privileges suspended.
  15. All I know is, GTA is going to be HUGE. There isn't going to be any other cities either. It's just Los Santos and "surrounding hills, countryside, and beaches" as R* said when they first announced GTA 5. I DK why a lot of you keep thinking GTA 5 will feature an area like San Diego, because there isn't going to be one. It's just Los Santos alone, by itself. I just wanna know, however, if the "surrounding countryside, etc" will include desert flats areas and forested areas as well. My thinking of the size of the map is based only on rumors I've been spotting all over the web. I think 2 and half times the size of the RDR map sounds reasonable, or about 4 to 5 times the size of the GTA 4 Liberty City map. I have no concrete idea, though, the map could be bigger, could be smaller than what I threw out up there. What would be really cool to know is the size of the map in square mileage. R* should tell us that at least if they won't tell us what the release date is. Think a little! Their could be an island with an airport (because there is no bridge/tunnel leading to it) and an INT airport in LS. Well, keep hoping, like I stated before, there isn't going to be another city like San Diego, or others, it's only Los Santos and the "surrounding hills, countryside, and beaches." R* already confirmed this. There is going to be NO other major cities besides greater Los Santos, but there may be little hick towns up in the hill-country, but that's about it.