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  1. If its history then it's:- Sega Mega Drive Nintendo Nes Nintendo SNES PS1 PS2 Xbox Xbox 360 PS3 Nintendo Wii Nintendo GameCube (MGS Twin Snakes) PSP
  2. I'm hoping that there is a place like grove street and you can do drug deals, bet on dog fights (ala Michael Vick) have your own dogs that you can train so one could be an attack dog and another a drug sniffer. You could use the drug one to go around the block and jack peoples stash that's left in the trash or the trunk of the car. Just basically want to spend most of my time being a gang banger like in SA. But more things to do really, hope the basketball is more refined in that you play against a homie or a girl (date)
  3. Just watched that trailer in HD. My god that looks amazing! I love the swamp details, like all the water and buildings broken down. The gameplay looks solid again as the crysis games has been. I am just taken aback by how gorgeous the graphics are. Day 1 for me *goes back to watching trailer*
  4. Ooo looks good. Statue of liberty all mossy and clearly fallen (much like manhattan) This thread has made me want to finish crysis 1 and start crysis 2. Damn you bones lol
  5. Xbox 360 and PS3. I mostly play the PS3 more. The 360 is for Alan Wake and GTA4 as I got it because of the early DLC otherwise I would have got the PS3 version. I may pick the PS3 version up soon, the complete edition is a tasty price :-)
  6. I know what you mean about limiting but its just these companies haven't let me down (uncharted 1 was my first Naughty dog title) I check games that peak my interest. I just seem to pick up quite a few titles that let me down that aren't any of the companies I listed.
  7. Can't wait to get into MP3. It looks so good, I can see myself completing this a few times over aswell as the multiplayer.
  8. I Went into my local gamestation and the store has very poor choice. I'm guessing due to the administration but now they're out surely they can get stock up again. I had to go to Grainger games (which were like gamestation of yesteryear) Mafia 2 is a great game by the way :-p I really enjoy breaking it out every now and again
  9. I have the first one on 360 and haven't come anywhere close to finishing it. I'm going to get it done by 2013 at least and have to crack into crysis 2 as I got about 2 hours in and just couldn't get into it. I was fed up with the pacing at the beginning and I read and have been told it gets awesome after about 3-4 hours. I really like the scifi of the story. I hope crysis 3 doesn't have that pacing issue and just jumps us right in there! Also just want to say that trailer looks amazing. I'm going to watch it in HD when I get home
  10. Cool I'm getting the special edition one (statue looks so cool) I was just unsure whether ps3 or Xbox really
  11. Can't wait for 'The Last of Us' by Naughty Dog. Ever since the teaser screens and the trailer I just want it now. Naughty Dog will deliver as Uncharted has a very solid story and very entertaining to
  12. So I was thinking about this on my drive home from work. Do you guys have developer loyalty? Like rockstar for instance, most of my games are rockstar (they are a great developer that's never let me down) Also if you do have developer loyalty which developers are they? Mine: Rockstar Naughty Dog Kojima Productions
  13. Easy answers really lol. Well I just want to get a bit of a snapshot to see where you guys are headed. I want to be in the crew from this site as I've been a long time lurker sine Gta San Andreas days through to
  14. I hope it's out in October. I don't think I can wait till 2013 as theories have stated. I am eager to play max payne 3 first though as that game just looks amazing.