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  1. Biker Korben


    I got to about level 32 and found suddenly everything started getting easier (I think I'm about level 41 now). Collecting the perk to find extra ammo helped me a lot. My character is based around sneak with my 4 main weapons all being unique, modded to the max and silenced. I use a 10mm pistol, an Automatic Shotgun, a Missile Launcher and a Sniper Rifle. My biggest problem is armour. Just building up my skill set to allow me to start modding it, but for now I'm just using unique armour that comes with perks. Pretty much done next to no missions or storyline and just been roaming. Done a little bit of settlement building, but just my own place to store my magazines, spare weapons, armour and all my power armour.
  2. Biker Korben


    Go to the Trade option with Dogmeat. Put the item in his inventory, go to that item and you should get the option to "Equip". Choose that. One annoying glitch/mistake with that, is that if you make him carry things for you, then use the "Transfer All" option when you want it all back off him, it will also take the stuff you've equipped him with.
  3. Biker Korben


    Agreed Rob. I don't have too much of a problem with online game play aside from the mardy 12 year olds I mentioned earlier. It's a natural evolution as internet access speeds got faster and more readily available. It's just that for more and more games, it seems to be the thing that hogs the limelight of the game and is the majority of it with the story line being left behind. Of course it could just be that I find it easy to beat the games AI, and real people a lot tougher!! :-) Anyway, slight tangent from the thread. If Bethesda have been working on this for as long as is being assumed I would like to think the storyline will still be massive and interesting. If it has online gameplay I'll try it, and who knows, I may like it.
  4. Biker Korben


    Agreed. It's the main reason I enjoy Fallout. It used to be the main reason I enjoyed the GTA's. Each to their own, but having a bunch of whiny 12 year old's shouting down their microphones at you while playing online ain't my idea of fun. Multiplayer used to be a nice add on to most games. Now it's the main feature of a lot of them. It's leading to smaller and poorer story lines. Look at the front page of With the exception of the PC version news and the merchandise they sell all it's about is multiplayer. By now I'd have thought some single player DLC would have been in the news... Unless I've missed something!!
  5. Biker Korben


    Could be good news... Shame it's still 4 months away.
  6. I'm beginning to think I liked the atmosphere of the older games... SA set in the 90's and VC in the 80's created brilliant atmospheres. I've simply never appreciated IV and V as much because of that "set in the modern day" route they went down. I suppose my list would be: 1. SA 2. VC 3. V 4. III 5. IV Either that or old age is simply making me appreciate these games less and less. At the moment, I really can't see me bothering to purchase any of the DLC for V or the next GTA they make.
  7. This is one of my concerns... Don't get me wrong, shooting has its place in GTA without a doubt, but it seems very focused on it, especially online. I'm not enjoying the online at all. I just want to race, but to do that you have to spend a lot of time dropping in and out of different online sections to get to what you want and very little time actually racing. At the moment I reckon I get around one 5 minute race for every 20 minutes on V. In IV that would have been three 5 minute races every 20 minutes. It's seems more hassle than it's worth at the moment.
  8. I have a fair few gripes after finally getting on today. Not able to get on, or stay on very much, but I know that will be fixed in time. I can't fix the chat thing either and I hate it just as much (Mainly because I hate listening to kids, chav's and chavy kids argue about pointless crap). The online story seems fairly pointless to me. Nice touch, but I'm not seeing the point. I'm sure it's great for some. It keeps making me a host even though I don't want to be, and no I'm not choosing to be. I know this is probably just me, but all I want is to race. That's why I like GTA games... Driving loads of different vehicles in loads of different areas is what I want and online I get to do it against other people. I'm not bothered about deathmatch or missions (I'd buy COD for that). Maybe I'm missing something, but to go online just to race seems impossible... It's like it's constantly trying to push you on to deathmatch or missions. Please, someone tell me I'm wrong and I can just enter race after race... Like GTA IV online. EDIT: On a positive note, though, it's making me appreciate GTAV more.
  9. Now I'm getting into this a little deeper I'm worried about how easy I'm finding everything... Missions haven't been a stretch to complete at all... Using vehicles as most people have noted is easy and the chances of dying or failing anything I attempt seems to be very slim. While some people like this, I don't. I like a challenge and so far this isn't. I'll admit I'm not that deep into the game yet so I hope it gets tougher. Perhaps for future GTA's a "Difficulty" setting would be a nice addition.
  10. I'm a bit of a film geek and tend to spot stuff like this. Playing one mission near the start I was instantly reminded of this scene from Lethal Weapon 2: Spoiler contains mission and story plot. Anyone spotted any other movies?
  11. My opinions so far... About 6 hours play. I'm not a big fan of the shooting system, although I'm getting used to it now. It's certainly better since I changed the crosshair. While I think the driving is ok, I'm not a massive fan. Each to their own on this. Some people find easy handling fun, some people want a tougher time because they find the challenge fun. The motorbike handling is appalling. Yeah, none of the vehicles are that realistic, but the motorbike handling is incredibly unrealistic. Aside from that, so far I'm liking it.
  12. Not a big poster on here, but have to say thank to DuPz0r... You've created a fantastic map which from the information gathered I'm sure won't be far off the real thing. Thanks for all the work you've put in to this.
  13. I've noted the crane appearing and disappearing in various scenes... I have vague recollections about someone on here discussing the buildings size compared to other buildings and how it seemed taller in some scenes. Personally I suspect this is part of the story line. We all know the GTA V is “About the pursuit of the almighty dollar” and when it comes to making money, property is a biggie.
  14. Got into the Internet about the same time the film "The 5th Element" was released which I really liked... I called myself Korben after Bruce Willis' character... It was mainly to play Quake at the time (Even created myself a quake skin of the character). I stuck with that name for a long time until I introduced myself to the world of motorbikes. As I pretty much live and breath motorbikes now I changed it to BikerKorben. The weird thing is that when I meet up with biker friends that I know from an internet motorbike forum they generally refer to me as Korben or Korbs, and not my real name.
  15. Interesting stuff... Don't think the write up on that picture refers to the person in the picture... What it says is info I think we all figured out from the voice over on the first trailer. The only bit that I would say is news is that he is from "The East Coast" which I'm guessing anyone who knows about US accents may be able to figure out. As for multiple protags... I suspect that could be the case. How though? Can you play the whole game as one then go to the other to replay the whole story, do you jump about from protag to protag throughout the story or have they simply split them up, one protag for each section of the map you unlock. Being as the three protags that are being suggested (Hollywood Protag (Ned Luke), Hood Protag (Black Guy) and Countryside Protag (Balding old guy)) will probably live in very unique parts of the map I would side with the protags being split by the sections you unlock and that's when the swap occurs. Who know's though. I guess we will know more later, and purely for shits and giggles I would like to think R* haven't shown us the protag yet...