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  1. DC tends to release brilliant movies, however they kind of suck at times, like that Superman movie reboot back in 2005-6 I believe.
  2. no offense 2 u guys, but i enjoyed the dark knight a little more, and it didn't need a full cast of top-tier actors. then again, they are two completely different movies.
  3. Personally, I will steal a car and attempt to locate the mountain shown in the teaser. It just looked pretty amazing, in my own opinion.
  4. im confused by ur question bcos cod always sucked??? also ofc cod will beat gta, there are just too many nine year olds in the world dat lik linear fps. not enough 14 year olds dat lik roleplaying 2 be sociopath assassin
  5. i hated it when i spared the black man that just got out of prison he would send me depressing phone calls about how he cuts himself thinking of me. also i hated the amount of content in the game, compared to san andreas. i realize that r# was just testing wut they could do in next genershun but still. other dan dat i enjoy trilogy
  6. I recently replayed Manhunt, last time I had completed the game being 2006. I had totally forgotten how crazy this game was. Am I the only one that began to lose their sanity as the game progressed?
  7. Hello, I would like to join the Event. My PSN is Cooldude4389.