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  1. Hello! I rent a room and do not have a TV, neither do I have money to afford a TV at the moment. I have, however, an Xbox360, and a large computer monitor. I know already how to connect the Xbox to my computer screen, and it works, however, my question is, how would I be able to record videos from it? I also have a notebook, so could it be possible to buy any device that is able to record from the PC monitor, or record from the monitor to the notebook? My notebook could be instantly used to play Xbox, I know, but I don't want, the screen is not nice and while recording it would be laggy. Thanks in advance if any smart person is able to solve this for me! Cheers, LVDavid
  2. Didn't play it since a year...So I guess I got kinda confused...Anyways, regarding the traffic and the crashing...There was this game called "Driv3r", many years ago, I know its a very shitty game but the traffic, although not so heavy, was functionning very well and the cars werent always crashing into your back when driving. It was very well controlled and mostly you only had accidents if you ran red lights. I don't think it will be that impossiblre to make heavy traffic function well. In GTA IV, cars seemed already to be trying to avoid collisions, so maybe it will improve, maybe it won't.
  3. Hello! Do you think RockStar will improve the car, traffic and damage system? There were a few things that were always quite annoying in GTA SA and GTA IV: 1. In GTA SA, it was almost impossible to drive normally without damaging your car, when you tried to look cool in a Turismo, you either got tailgated by a speeding driver, had a frontal collision because the car on the other side ran over a bike and came over to your side of the road, you got t-boned at a green light by suspects fleeing from a police chase or even hit by a crashing airplane. Either way, driving in San Andreas was incredibly fun but sometimes it was really annoying that you couldn't drive for 30 Sekonds without any damage to your car. 2. In almost every GTA games which included huge cities, the streets looked almost empty. In a huge city like New York, like in GTA IV, there should be very heavy traffic, but even if I put traffic on max, the time square in GTA IV still looked pretty empty. 3. The damage model of the cars looked always very unrealistic. Do you think we will get realistic damage models in GTA V? 4. And the last question...Am I the only one who thinks it is annoying that the car always starts burning and explodes when turned over on its roof? I really never liked this and I hope they will take it out in GTA V. What do you think about this? Cheers, LVDavid
  4. Guess they will study the actual geography of the transition and try to recreate it as accurately as possible, of course within the limitations they face. RockStar pretty much confirmed that it will be their biggest open world game up to date. This is from their newswire: ( http://www.rockstarg...eft-auto-v.html ) Cheers, LVDavid
  5. Anyways, I am sure we will see some mythical Easter Eggs like in every RockStar game, especially with such a huge map like GTA V. RockStar loves making players search for myths. In San Andreas, they put BigFoot onto the game map (seen from above), and I remember that many players spent weeks and months searching for BigFoot in that area because of that. We will spend many months dicovering the map.
  6. I read somewhere that BigFoot was planned to be a part of GTA SA but they took it out before completing the game. Is this true? Can anyone confirm (or deny)?
  7. Hello! Do you think some myths of GTA SA will make a reappearance in GTA V? For example ghost cars, secret rooms, ufos in the skies, suicidal photographers, serial killers, strange animals in forests, ghosts, etc. Do you think that maybe Rockstar puts something deeply hidden into the game this time, seeing that the map is the biggest map they have ever done? Cheers, LVDavid
  8. Does anyone have an official link from RockStar confirming there will be only Los Santos? Proably its true, but there is no official conformation, or am I wrong?
  9. I personally would like a GTA set in a country outside of the US. How about a GTA set in a South American country like Brazil?
  10. I would like to see the driving schools coming back, like the pilot school, the boat school, and so on. I'd like the airports to have realistic air traffic, and I wouldn't like the planes to be "invulnerable" like in GTA IV, in SA you could take a bazooka and shoot them down (worked well with the small ones, the AT-400 was more difficult to bring down) I would like to have a huge set of vehicles, also including trains, with train stations and passengers. I would also like realistic crashes, for example if you crash on a highway, people would actually stop on the emergency lane instead of just passing, or if you crash into someone, the occupants or even you could get injured, but what I didn't like at all is that in IV, sometimes if you crashed into someone at full speed, the other car would just turn around and continue driving with a huge amount of damage. I would like to see improved emergency services, not amublances or firetrucks running over 8 pedestrians to reach the victims. I really enjoyed the diversity in SA, like you had farmlands with farmers working and their vehicles, the choice of vehicles was just so enormous. I would love to have something like the "Area 69", which we had in SA, where you can find very strong military aircraft and vehicles, and of course where it would be very difficult to get inside or fly over. And some cool missions taking place there, too, like in SA. Cheers, LVDavid
  11. I was born in the tiny country of Luxembourg, a country situated between France, Belgium and Germany. The luxembourgish flag, which is very similar to the Dutch one: The capital of Luxembourg, also named Luxembourg: Luxembourgs most famous castle, Vianden: However, I moved to a small island in the Atlantic Ocean in December 2011. The name of the island is Madeira. Madeira is a portuguese island, but is situated relatively far away from Portugal. Flag of Madeira: Funchal, the capital city of Madeira: The island has a beautiful nature and beautiful villages and towns: Cheers, David
  12. My name is David, I'm almost 19 and I live in Portugal. I started playing GTA Games when Vice City came out, my favourite game was San Andreas and I didn't like GTA 4 at all. I registered here because this forum and website provide the most accurate informations about GTA 5.