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  1. The second trailer should consist of... Main Characters, Boobs, Nice cars, Mission teasers, and boobs.
  2. GTA 5 should have more varieties in missions like everybody else has already said. But The Mission varieties should be more odd and different than each other . Basically, I don't want to drive everyfuckingwhere for a mission. I mean every now and then it would be good to have a mission like that where you drive to a point get out and assainate some people. Also in GTA you've always been able to jump, and climb ontop of stuff... (unrelated) So, I Think more atheletic attributes should be added for things like that Like Parqor for example. Not standing infront of a wall that is just a tiny bit too high and jumping looking like an idiot. You should be able to run at the wall, sort of run up it and climb to the top.
  3. I agree with most that, GTA V may or may not have DLC's. But, on the other hand... It probably wont have any really good DLC packs.
  4. I don't like the Nuclear test sight idea. But, I do like the whole area 51 thing. There could be a Mission where you go into area 51 and have to retreive so major thing like an Alien corpse found at roswell crash sight. Or have it where you enter and their is a huge armory like someone had already suggested. And perhaps have a Hovercraft inside that base.
  5. Personally, I think that cops should be more realistic in the way that they will not chase you if they bump cars with you. And, by how they continue to follow you for an extremly long time for having only 1 star. Also I think That if Cops are more realistic then they should be doing what actual cops do like chasing you down with 1 star without guns. Not shooting because you got in a fight. Finally I think that if you end up fighting with a person and the cops roll up they go for whoever threw the first punch, not you when you try to defend yourself.