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  1. facebook is shit.

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    2. gtagrl


      I thought this was being looked into.

    3. Massacre


      Nope. But now I'm going to ask Duff about it the next time he comes into that chat.

    4. gtagrl


      That would be great. His updates stick out like a sore thumb.

  2. 1 hour and 8 minutes until I am not aloud to drink or eat because I got to have a blood test tomorrow, feel like crying!

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    2. TreeFitty


      IPB automatically posts the most recent tweet from his twitter feed. So if you delete it, IPB thinks it needs to be posted [again]. Psy/Duff need to disable it for his account.

    3. Massacre
    4. gtagrl
  3. Special love to my followers #BenSupporters

  4. Gonna be warm today!

  5. Just done a Photoshop edit of me and Pac @2pacnews

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    2. Massacre


      I hate when someone leaves the forums but I still have to see their status updates because of Twitter or Facebook.

    3. Indy


      The fact that this guy has photoshopped himself into a picture of 2pac tells me that i'm glad his only existence on this forum is limited to sporadic status updates. Better than having him active...

    4. ViceMan


      Wonder if he photoshopped Pac's huge black cock up his arse too. :D

  6. Stupid woman bus drivers!

    1. narcolepsy


      Over rated. Had some decent tracks but blew up and just aren't as good as they are made out to be.

    2. JustAn808


      Killed it with the first album. Kinda went to shit since the vocalist doesn't party any more.

  7. Feels like Summer...

  8. Eurgh family photos...

  9. Scarface is the shit maaaaayn!

  10. United Kingdom, North Lincolnshire, Brigg. All the shit you need to know.
  11. The problem with Mercedes is she walked like she shat herself...
  12. Playing Vice-City for the Mac OS X!!

    1. Pieface


      Well done. I bet you feel proud of yourself.

    2. RastaMousey


      I do it took me a while to download it, thankyou.