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  1. Going to heli tours, punch one of the people with red fluorescent jackets then run behind someone in the waiting line until one of the red jacket guys hits another NPC. Sit and watch as they both fight it out, the red jacket guys are pretty tough.. they can last around 5 or more fights before getting knocked out
  2. I'd pay for the game even if it had nothing else but your single idea of going to concerts.
  3. I think if car modification wasn't in V then it will ruin the game for almost everyone I'd still want to custom my car in online free mode games too, because then it would be more fun...
  4. Massive B or the vibe for IV For san andreas it's either k-rose when in the country or K-JAH west
  5. It's a GTA ISO mod which has been fixed for IV but still works for TboGT, sad that people who use them ruin the game for everyone else.. although you do get some that will give you stuff like red/green heli's etc