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  1. Holy shit this site is still up

  2. I knew a guy who ran one of those at the dragstrip, mid 12s. You should lemme come lend a hand ?
  3. Damn. That's probably my favorite bunch of snaps I've seen you post, and not just because I'm in half of em' This one needs to be a banner or something front page.
  4. CFO Charles


    I bought New Vegas to keep me happy until November. Anybody actually anticipating the new full game mods for it?
  5. I'm just here to say nobody in Canada knows what the hell Cinco de Mayo is.
  6. ^ I kept doing that and Chum started shit talking me. Something along the lines of "I'm testing his faith" and "The saint of combustion should know the correct side to enter a vehicle." I lold
  7. We begin with Dunce Bones Then GTAgrls attempt at the vespucci job A beautiful hit by yours truly Bones running me up a pole Dio and gtagrl come in for the sandwich and just miss Perfectly timed sneak attack from Dio Using that small size to squeeze past everyone gtagrls second go looked something like this When you realize you're completely fucked And because I should show something from Dio's run
  8. #sendit. Also fear and loathing in Los Santos sounds like an epic theme idea.
  9. Going group B tomorrow. If anybody needs some ideas about rally here's a quick rundown
  10. I got dropped in the middle of searching for the corpse.
  11. Looks like I actually saved a clip Underwater adventure again Comingupoutdawatah Joining dio's club of kill peoples NPCs.
  12. My personality is basically just a culmination of TV show one-liners.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      that's what she said...

    2. gtagrl


      Yeah well, you're a hooker

    3. Jizzy


      Overall I give this status a C+

  13. Guessing they have a proper website now? Back when I signed up you had to sign-up and post from the app. All the website did was let you view photos.
  14. Jesus I don't have enough attention span to even check my Facebook, that, and once I realized the instagram app asks for permission to monitor my call log and history I was fucking out.
  15. Bitch please, it's negative 31 out right now.
  16. I found two examples of it online, one guy said it had something to do with the HDMI the other had no fix.
  17. Copypasta from my Reddit. So I'm not entirely sure this is a firmware problem but at this point I suspect it may be. I woke up and tried to boot up my PS4, but as soon as I turned it on my TV froze. I had no display from the TV and got no response from the remote or buttons except for the on/off buttons. The only way to remedy this was to turn off the PS4 and then physically unplug the TV. At first I thought, "no biggie, my TV is 12 years old and destined for the junkyard anyway." So I setup another TV that I had received from my grandmother. Hooked it up and all seemed fine, but if I change to TV input or turn off the TV I get a blank screen and no input until I turn the PS4 off and then on. I can change to the other component and HDMI inputs just fine, only TV mode, or when the TV is turned off then back on does this happen. Was playing GTAV until about 2 am last night and didn't experience a single problem until I logged in today and noticed a firmware update. Edit: Just tried two other HDMI cables with no change.
  18. Meh, I think I'm just getting burnt out, I've been on every Tuesday for months now.
  19. I guess well split into our own little groups then? I'm still unsure whether I want to bother with this right when it comes out on Tuesday. No offense but the whole cram ten people into a lobby and then yell over each other schtick is kind of getting to me lately.
  20. Boy I can't wait to see the prices on those...
  21. Sounds great, H-pipes are the one mod I always found necessary on Mustangs, guy I follow on YT just did the same on his 04
  22. I'm white and your movie title thread offends me. Change all the offensive words plz 

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      Asylum be dead yo.

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      CaPn bOnEs

      ...who deleted my comment?

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      CFO Charles

      I think that was me, I said some unnecessary shit that I deleted and o may have clicked your one accidentally