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  1. Nothin but a g thing dr dre the breaks kurtis blow Fuck tha police n.w.a it was a good day ice cube Big poppa biggy Wild thing ton loc Boyz in da hood eazy e No sleep wiz khalifa young wild and free snopp dogg
  2. Elk deer bear cougar turky yes i just named off animals to hunt but dogs birds pandas
  3. 67-12 camaro 66-69 chevelle 60-12 corvette 68,69 el comino 68,69 nova 67-69 dart 68,12 charger 67 galaxy 64-12 mustang including boss 429,302 roush and shelby gt500 super snake 68,69 torino 67-69 cougar 65-69 442 olds 67-69 gtx 68,69 roadrunner 67-69 firebird 64-69 gto 60-12 chevy pickup 64-68 ford pickup 70-76 chevelle ss ford f-150,250,350 ford raptor ford ranger 1977 chevy c10 chyanne shotwide stepside 1969 charger r/t 83 gmc g sieries a team van 1977 firebird trans am 77-79 ford factory highboy and with all the cars we should be able to make the a shity rusteed or little rust or brand new
  4. I mean honestly who in the fuck wants to play monopaly in a gta game we need mini games like paintball pool darts beer pong dirt bike races and hill climbs in 4x4 trucks and stuff like that not monopaly
  5. Id like to see all of the ford cars&trucks dodge and chevy not just all the new ones but all of the ones from the 50s 60s 70s 80s and 90s and we should be able to put roll bars and brush guards and for the hicks unong us we should be able to lift the trucks and buy bigger tires and yes there should be car shows And there should be car dealerships and be able to buy after market parts