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  1. I dunno it had a lot of signs, and the country side looks so vast, to me it looks like the full thing, possibly with an install on the Xbox due to the size of the disks, but PS3 probably a quick install just so it can rely a little less on the blu-ray disk
  2. that sounds very Sam Fisher esque Mass I wouldnt be surprised though tbh
  3. IGN are saying they think Tommy Vercetti and CJ are in it, I think its huey but anyone clarify the video I cudnt see that well
  4. ooooo I need to see it so badddd grrr stupid work bunch of jerks
  5. ohhhh come on man can you say more than that im dying here?
  6. *shuts up and holds breath until first person watched the trailer*
  7. should I take that as a no for the description of the trailer?
  8. guys do me a huge favour, im trapped at work until 8pm English time so can peeps describe the trailer for me when it comes out cuz i fear im gonna miss it and then cry at work and there's nothing more imasculine than that
  9. JameZ88


    hey man I love my brain it conjures up pictures of Megan Fox on a cold lonely night mmmmm *gets some lotion*
  10. anyone else wanna punch that dude in the face the smug looking bastard - or it cud just be me getting into GTA Rage mode
  11. well I could be walking into a forum of Winehouse fans, not that you guys seem the type
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    I read that book and I think it means you need to get your weiney touched by a grandmother of 5 with saggy tits, thats Sigmunds words not mine, I got this number you can have, Wayne Rooney usually goes to her when he's having them kind of dreams.
  13. well it could be a way of spending all the money you get besides wouldn't it be cool to have withdrawel symptoms every day or two where your player goes white as a sheet and cant stop snorting thin air, locks himself in a bathroom for a couple hours, and ends up puking up in the car and dying in his sleep, unless ofcourse Amy Winehouse is the new Protagonist - is that too soon?
  14. damn the unconditional fapping feeling you get as the epicness of the trailer takes hold of your hands and after a couple of seconds the screen is covered in juices, I must admit the couple of seconds might just be me, but as long as im happy who cares right *thumbs up*
  15. omg maybe you play Matthew Boulton in GTA London 1788 where you set up a mint and print money for the King but he gets all pissed and tries to assassinate you and then you go after him helping guyfawkes to blow up the houses of parliment. just a suggestion
  16. ahhh I am in good company I never felt more welcome who was the indian on that 5 dollar bill anyways? is it the name of a famous mountain or casino there i go with my bigotry
  17. haha thats right the dudes dressed in orange hahahaha whoever came up with that was a genius, give that guy a gaming bafta
  18. I've been thinking that I suppose if its an exact replica of the five dollars with the indian dude on it, I guess it could be based around casino's, meaning it will be set in Las Vegas aka Las Venturas which would be awesome if they capture it right. (if that is racist or offensive I'm terribly sorry I base my stereotypes on TV like the simpsons or family guy, so if you are angry you should probably complain to them)
  19. I think if the multiple characters rumour is true then I would prefer it to be 3 seperate stories that intertwine like GTA IV did, but I would prefer that through DLC rather than on the initial game, I like having a key protagonist that will be remembered in 10 years time like Claude Speed although he never spoke, but thumbs up for shooting that bitch at the end, she wouldnt shut the fuck up.
  20. I just wanted to point out my official guess is November the 20th ofcourse that would be in the US though not UK where we apparently have to brew longer until we can play an awesome game, cuz thats fair *mumbles to himself while tearing up*
  21. I have/had an HTC Desire S - Had being the fact I lost mine on a train and had to buy a new one
  22. ok Vice I put my hands up I jumped in there a little headstrong and I have to say tbh its a toss up between the original GTA or GTA IV but im gonna go with GTA just for nostalgia of the tune, it reminds me of trying to run over 7 Elvis impersonaters in a line..... Awesome
  23. well I hope you pulled out man, I think its just rude to make a mess in another person's anus when you've only just met them, well thats my etiquette when I'm out for a one nighter