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  1. But im talking bout after the story, apart from racing and hunting what can you do in a vast countryside, yeah you can have dirtbikes and Quadbikes but it only gets you so far, im just feeling negative I guess but I dont consider countryside as ambitious
  2. I loved RDR too but that was a western, GTA is an urban Sandbox game, imo I cant think of many things that can take place in the countryside, which means acres of land that theres nothing there, where as a vast city if applied can have shops and jumps, but tbf it says Los Santos is the "Major City" meaning that there must be more than one but maybe im reading into it too much.
  3. well if i may be critical I would prefer more city than wild lands, I remembered getting pissed off in SA cuz i would find myself miles from any road with no vehicle, but who knows?
  4. wow ok thats interesting, I need to see the next trailer before I say anything, I feel a little underwhelmed because that looks tiny compared to LC, i dunno maybe its just me :S
  5. It will be two disk, one disk for Multiplayer and installation and the other disk will be the main game, you think of the biggest PC installed game and its a couple gb's were not talking tb's it will be a large install and then play by disk, BF3 just did it not long back so it proves that installs work, GTA would never work of multiple disks thats a fact, PS3 blu-ray 1 disk and install, Xbox 2 disk, 1 disk install other disk play.
  6. nahh man, leave it as it is, I think this is definitely a ploy to get some fan hysteria, altho it would disappoint fans if it doesnt come out that day, and interestingly its a thursday so its neither a normal US or EU release date that just seems a little odd to me.
  7. I dont know how you can say it is only LS, jeez if we went off the trailer the map is already smaller than IV because the dense city area is minute, tbh I think we will see another city in the next trailer, and it that is Mount Chilliad as we believe judging by the old SA map that is right next to San Fierro, I think this trailer is a taster, and they were always gonna show Las Santos first because Vinewood is the iconic place, I could be entirely wrong but I would not be surprised to see casino's and everything that goes with them, in the next 2 trailers.
  8. I have to agree with Vice why put something on the trailer that wont feature in the game it makes no sense, and thats not R*'s style everything they show you can generally do or see, there was a big emphasis on exercise im thinking that maybe its trying to hint towards the fitness thing again, seems to be lots of jogging and cycling machines, yoga, also I dont think the dude speaking the protagonist, I think the black guy is he seems to be involved in alot of the action scenes -including the heist I think.
  9. Guys, dunno if this is right but during the heist does it look like those machine guns have silencers and red dot sights does that mean possible weapon customization? seems to a big thing in a few games now.
  10. guys guys guys... whats with the negativity, theres nothing to suggest that its only LS, other than the fact that the trailer showed us that but be honest as a marketing guy are you going to show all your cards months before release, I have full faith that this will be SA because at worst they will ask you to install it, look at BF3 that asked for a 1gb install for the multiplayer, now remember LC was dense city area, and i think anyone will tell you that its much harder to make a dense city area that it does woodlands and desert. Have a little faith I dont think R* would point it as San Andreas if we were going to get one city and some wild lands, look how vast RDR was, I think its full SA, and if I was the marketing guru I would wait to the last possible second to show the big finish which is the gleeming lights of Las Venturas (Las Vegas) ofcourse this is all speculation, but my faith rests with R*, dudes this has me hook. line and sinker im just waiting for more GTA trailer goodness mm mmm mmmmmm
  11. haha nice im really looking forward to this game, good job I have San Andreas (original Xbox version) being delivered Saturday and then Skyrim next week, and then SR3 the week after that all in all a good month for business
  12. well tbh Bones I thought I saw Packie on the heist part, also dont u think the car at 0:57 looks like an AUDI R8 Convertable
  13. but heres the thing Duffman did you learn anything actually about Claude, other than his story in Liberty City and they have a whole 10 year back story they can make up for him, plus hes the face of GTA past perfect oppurtunity to wrap up his story dont you think, also he has already met up with CJ in San Andreas so there might be a reason for him to go back.
  14. well no one said he was mute he simlpy didn't talk, I just think the fact he was talking bout retiring from that life and moving to a new city buying a big house and having a family, just seems like its a character you know, and judging by his looks and timeframe i think it could only be Claude, like I said 10 years since GTA 3 where he was possible late 20's and looking at that guy he looks late 30's to early 40's
  15. Well... can kind of see it, still not sure: Guys could this possibly be an older version of Claude Speed would explain why he "moved" to San Andreas and would explain why he would like to settle down plus, its been 10 years since GTA 3 this would be perfect for it.
  16. cheers Mass I kinda spammed Birdie in all the excitement I deleted them right after, Sorry Birdie if you're reading this.
  17. haha sorry man couldn't resist welcome to the forums btw we dont greet everyone that way, well tbh this is the first time I greeted anyone, as you can see everyone is cleaning up from the orgasmic trailer they just witnessed Guys im gonna be brave even though I might get put on the shit wall, but looking at this trailer, I think the game is way over 60 maybe even 70% complete I dont think we will be waiting a year for this, if you remember the first GTA IV trailer was buildings and sunrise to sunset, where as this looks pretty complete, this might be an early next year release
  18. I think detective Fitty is on to something here, im going to join him in a hmmm and chin itch pose.....
  19. awww man I think ive been banned from commenting on status page stuck and i accidently sent like 5 to one person
  20. i think we can definitely say something, I need to change my boxers and its lucky I brought a spare pair
  21. and remember kids Eat Fresh. Eat Subway
  22. not only that if its modern day Tommy would actually be like 50 not exactly settling down age is it.
  23. the protagonist didnt sounds Mexican to me, like someone else said he sounded like an ex cop or FBI agent possible an ex mob boss probably have to wait until the second trailer to find that out.