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  1. ahhh I wondered why I felt a cold tingle in my anus, would you wear some gloves next time or atleast warn me
  2. will do mate, im pretty excited I can't even remember the last time I played it, too long ago clearly, but it will keep me going until GTA V especially with Saints Row 3 and Skyrim thrown in for good measure
  3. haha good lad, I literally just impulse bought San Andreas I hope it works on my Xbox 360 :S if not im gonna have to find good ol' dusty out the attic again to play it on.
  4. Well I do have this cousin Roman who has many sexy women and fast cars, he lives in a mansion so I thought i would escape there for a while
  5. oh c'mon this one is easy, Flock of Seagulls - I Ran is such an immense song, GTA Vice City undoubtedly had the best music tracks in any game period let alone GTA.
  6. I remember the good old heckling you got on GTA on PS1 some random guy shouting "You piece of shit!!!" as I quite happily walk by burping and farting until my hearts content.
  7. Hey man thats literally down the road good to see a couple people representing the midlands on this then, so tell my you a city fan or a villa fan?
  8. I know but if I could marry a rich American girl, I will not only be able to play it 3 days earlier but I might not have to work and be able to play it all day now that my friend is worth the gamble.
  9. Hey Guys, My name is James, I didnt realise I had to introduce myself so I kinda just posted a few times before doing this :S (sorry) I am a gaming nerd, and the type that gets overhyped on previews and trailers so forgive me if I turn into a babbling mess, my grammer is probably a little off so if I'm hard to understand just kick my in the nuts and I will write it again, Im from Telford England and I'm a Telford United fan all the way "up the bucks " and I'm representing the WEST SIDE....... of the midlands, and on that note testicles. that is all.
  10. haha forgive me if im wrong but isnt the poster behind that poster one of those volcano erection posters just reversed, well I think thats the case I might be going crazy, I'm sure I saw it online. :S
  11. Well I was thinking you can't have one without the other anyways, EU is always a Friday and Americans always get it first which makes me want to move, is that excessive moving to America so I can play GTA V earlier.
  12. haha I'm gonna do 2 dates which is kinda cheating but one will be US and one will be EU so US I think it will be November 20th 2012 and EU November 23rd 2012
  13. My suggestion is a little boring I guess as I can sum it up in two words really "Total Interaction" I just want to be able to do everything and I understand thats difficult due to space and what not but I think R* are great at making it seem like everything is possible, arcades should be playable, shops, stores, malls the works, we had a living breathing city in Liberty City which still amazes me now but when I see a totally interactive city thats when I can die a happy man.
  14. Hey Guys, I can understand what people are saying with it being CJ or Packie coming back but I hope it def isnt as the main character, I think when you start learning the city it should be from a fresh player, one thing I liked bout Niko was that he was new to that place too, which I think bonds you to the character more (I mean I genuinely remember being gutted when Kate dies after all the crap Niko went through I kinda wanted a little hapiness in his life) but you know thats just my opinion folks, and one thing I do know is R* will do us proud they always do, can't wait to see what goodies in store.
  15. awww man, looking at your banner fitty can't believe its been 10 years since GTA 3, ahhhh all the fond memories of beating up prostitutes and running over pedestrians in all its 3D goodness, and I was only 13 so whoop for the long school days to come home to some GTA 3 treats
  16. Hey guys, Been reading the forums for a couple days now, been keeping me busy at work , I really can't wait to see this trailer, by judging on the last trailers I think we will get a real inidication of where the setting might be *fingers crossed its Vice City* P.S cheers for the laugh lads been helping me during the long period of waiting.