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  1. omg, why can't the ACOG's match the current skin. >.<

  2. Ellohime is streaming it early on Twitch
  3. I pick all 4 AC:U GTA 5 Dragon Age:Inquisition and Shadows of Mordor only one down side to this. Which game to pick first.
  4. Oh shush, I don't get my copy till tomorrow morning >.<
  5. Just got my text alert from Game stop my copy has been confirmed for Tuesday morning

  6. It wouldn't be the first time they've tried it.
  7. Looks like Heists just got confirmed. http://www.rockstarg...he-story-so-far
  8. Last check Mad Max had been put on hold but the the official website is still saying early 2015. Though I have no idea how accurate this information is.
  9. Yeah the entire island despite how beautiful it was felt a bit devoid of actual life. A good example set this would be Sleeping Dogs older game but the scripting felt unique and Hong Kong Itself felt alive. You never had a point where the character was detached from the story. One of the plus points on the upgraded GTA 5 I might add.
  10. I dunno, It's done what it's needed to for me so there's been no real reason to run to the PS4 aside from a few must play games like Last of Us uncharted... just a few.Currently loving Plex Media App it's the current center of my Digital Media library. Transmits my entire library music photos movies. To my mobiles my tv. It used to be done via external USB. Though the Xbox Media previewer just doesn't know how to handle certain files. Plex doesn't have this issue. Also I'm one of the few Xbox One owners to have a Day One Ed. Box. Funny thing bout that is I was listening to a broadcast with Major Nelson's voice on it. I think the box I got might have been a display box cause the Kinects picked up on a command the video played in his voice. That's my PC and gaming rig. the PC is a i7-2600 3.4 ghz chip with a 250 gig SSD primary OS drive 1 TB storage drive, 8 gigs of Ram and a 250 gig external HD, Current Graphics card is a GTX 760, Internet Comcast 50 mb.s connection, PSU 850 Watt. Only downside to this set up is the bay window of course. Been debating cloth curtains but until that happens the 40" Flat screen tv is gonna go up on the wall with a articulating wall mount the pc well likely go in front of the fireplace.
  11. Sadly don't have a Playstation. Stuck with a xbone at the moment. Current game List on Xbox One: Forza 5, AC4: Black Flag, Watch Dogs, Soon GTA 5, I will be getting Dragon Age Inquisition, Assassin's Creed Unity and Shadows of Mordor on my return trip from Vacation coming up here soon.
  12. Well I guess I best Introduce myself here. My names Jesse Barrett Age: 36. You guys have probably seen me loitering round the Forums a while I only just now found this topic to post in. At any rate. 75% Irish The Rest is French Indian and Heinz. Loves are in my profile page. As for why I'm here I found this place ages ago. It's just that when the Xbox One released without the GTA 5 remastered ed. At the time I had to give up my old Hardware to purchase the new Console. So I was forced to go without GTA 5 for a good year. Anyhoo. Wind the clock to now. And I'm here. I'm a well renown member of MoG nation. Many of the crew there call me Stillgard. Been rolling with <MoG> Since there initial formation during SWTOR's Guild Alliance program. And we've been together ever since there a regular gaming family of over a thousand unique accounts strong. So really you just pick what you wanna play see if anyone is on the mumble server and go. Only one minor problem with this though hardly anyone plays GTA 5 anymore. Hence why I am here.
  13. I currently have a iPhone 5C and a second gen iPad Mini with Retina Display data contract is with AT&T family plan Funny as all heck had to share.
  14. Drowning Pool Nov 14th At the Knitting Factory downtown. http://sp.knittingfa...vent_id=5375205