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  1. I had some friends stuck on the mission "Landing Gear." Anyone who is stuck as well...just fly the plane (or tell whoever is flying it) to land right in front of the Lost members (hangar, helipad area). Should stop in the marker and the mission will be done. Don't need to worry about jumping out and killing the Lost MC
  2. Thanks. lol, guy on the left just looking as if to say "What's this bitch doing?"
  3. Finally! I can be a busta and not get shot!
  4. I think Rockstar may have been hoping for that with the Roosevelt. Thing is, it's actually encouraged me and many others to do missions again. After all the money bollocks, I was sitting on nearly $200 billion with fuck all to buy and not interested in doing missions as it would only add to the cash. Agreed. A I said earlier, it's GTA. GTA IV provided hours of fun for me whether I was killing the lobby or they were killing me. Cars and cash didn't matter. I agree with you on the paying someone's car insurance. It's fair and makes sense to me. Doesn't make sense being a bad sport for just being me.
  5. I love GTA Online with the missions, customisation, Creator, etc. What I can't stand is the Bad Sport lobbies. I think hackers should be dealt with in lobbies like that, but for destroying someone's car? I don't mind paying for it, but it's GTA...kill or be killed! I remember players could be absolutely lawless in GTA IV multiplayer and kill you nonstop and you could do the same. Seems to me, butthurt kids have probably complained to Rockstar about it and they've listened. I love Rockstar Games, all their titles and ideas are amazing...but the Bad Sport lobbies have to go in my opinion.
  6. So, I have a Rockstar Games fan page on FB and been posting a bit about Bully 2 lately. I want to know when you guys think it'll be coming though. I last heard that Rockstar renewed the Bully trademark back in November. Some guy said that 2014 will see either Bully 2 or a Red Dead Sequel. I don't we'll see either until after AGENT which is rumoured to be released in 2015 last I heard.
  7. Keano

    GTAO Wishlist

    Made this a while back. Big into planes so this would be my ideal pack for GTA Online. I would love that. Also wanna be able to get into the airport as well.