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  1. How do I change my settings so that other players can get in my vehicle with me for missions?
  2. I see Rockstar strikes again. Gusunberg sweeper missing from weapon inventory after 1.11 update. Nice going guys. Oh, they're "looking into it".
  3. Ok, I need a helo to steal the briefcase that's on top of a construction site. I've been to Sandy Shores, the airport, and Vespucci helipad and no choppers. Thoughts?
  4. It's been like 4 game days and nobody has any jobs. WTF?
  5. Yet another stupid question: There's no investing in the stock market online?
  6. Is there a particular part of town where ballers are more common?
  7. Maybe it should be called GTA Dealership then. What if I steal it and put it in my garage? That is of course, if I had a garage. And speaking of garage, should I get one or go for an apt with a garage? And why doesn't my Social Club name show on my post like yours does?
  8. Ok, let me get this straight. In a game called Grand Theft Auto, the only way to get a high end car for my own is to buy the fucker?
  9. Fuck this bullshit. Hey Rockstar, if you're wanting to piss me off and make me lose interest, you've got a good start on it.
  10. I used a big box truck to pin him against a building to take it. Spent two full in-game days chasing the fucker.
  11. I resolved my problem with a five dollar Cat5e Ethernet cable. Since my xbox and my router are literally inches apart. Now that hasn't done anything about the Rockstar cloud issue, but at least my Xbox live connection is reliable now.