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  1. Just put on your chicken hat, u chicken
  2. cam_


    Did you guys hear about that big launch event Bethesda held? A few big name actors were invited and a lot of the attendees had no idea what they were there for
  3. cam_wal Time difference with most of y'all is a bitch because I'm in NZ
  4. Started playing around with the editor not long ago. Haven't tried much cinematic stuff but I'm gonna try take some neat pictures. This is the only thing I've got so far. I captured it myself to avoid Snapmatic's shitty compression. unfortunately I think Photobucket is guilty of the same shit

    1. cam_


      I need to hurry up and get this damn game on PC ASAP

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      fuck yea, bud... love it!!

  6. Just sold my PS3. No GTA V until I get my PC built. Looks like I'm stuck with Terraria and old school GTA for now

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    3. Brian


      How much did you sell it for? I'm looking to sell mine

    4. cam_


      Well mine went a bit lower than I could have sold it for, but here they go for around NZ$150, if they're used.

  7. I can't fucking wait to get this game. I just bought a GTX 960 to put in my PC and it came with a free code for the game. I still have some components to buy and then there's a monitor and peripherals as well.
  8. I wish I had the kind of budget to get one of those once I build my rig. The custom lighting is so fucking cool. I'm just gonna be going with a Ducky Mini or a CM Storm Quickfire, probably with MX Red switches
  9. If I remember correctly, the G keys can be programmed to another key for ease of access when playing games. For example, if a game you're playing requires frequent use of the P letter key, you can assign key G4 to emulate key P using Corsair's keyboard programming software (which obviously works only with certain Corsair keyboards). Keep in mind I have not bothered to research this, I was told by a friend with a K95, so I may be completely wrong. Also about the key switches (which I'm obviously late to comment on) : There are 4 different types of Cherry MX key switches - black, red, blue and brown. the black and red switches are made with gaming in mind, whereas blue and brown switches are made with typists in mind. This guy explains it very well: TL;DR - Brown switches are apparently better for gaming, so if that's what the keyboard is for, you've made a good choice.
  10. So I've got some local classic rock station going on the radio at home and they are literally playing every song from LS Rock Radio

    1. gtagrl


      Your local DJ plays GTA. And probably had a toot on his last piss break.

  11. I only really turn on GTA for IGTA night anyway, but if anything is scheduled I'll be sure to hop on if available. Kinda sad that I seem to be the only person from the crew who is planning to make the move to PC too...
  12. Random shits and giggles from a recent PS3 sesh Someone landed a Titan on the side of the Maze Bank building, so BMX took shit to the next level... ...It didn't end well. Here we see him falling to his death. Luckily he managed to pull his chute, only for me to decommission it with a helicopter. Cheech and BMX got in a brawl celebratory badassery
  13. I'll be there this time, FOR REALSIES BRAH We could do some of those stoopid crazy stunt jobs with the cargo plane and whatnot
  14. Suddenly I'm babysitting my nephew, but I might be there later on
  15. Don't you talk shit about Ribena, that stuff is fucking glorious (apart from the fact that it is kinda like wine for 8 year olds)
  16. Here's what I got. I also had a few perfectly timed shots of people doing the jump but the servers really fucked us all over. Dup, I MEAN FUCKING BONES, JESUS CHRIST MAN, and Weev Jason? "Face down, ass up ... " DiO is a slut The big ball Really proud of this shot BMX soars like an eagle
  17. So are many of us going to be playing the PC version once it's released? cam will