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  1. Ok I just bought the Bati 801 online but is there a better sport bike? If so, where/what is it?
  2. So I am looking for this bike for my GTA:O character but I feel like this thread is relevent here. Anyway, I am looking for a location that this bike will be at 100% of the time so I dont have to drive around for hours looking for one. My other question is how good is it? Is it faster than a Bati 801? If so is there any bikes better than it?
  3. I see everybody loves Lamar which is no suprise. I kind of knew he was already a fan favorite but in my opinion he wasnt a very well thought out character and neither was Franklin. I mean they are both too stereo-typical but Trever was one of my favorites, he is a completely unique character that brings comedy, suspense, action and even the climax to the table by himself. Of course
  4. I would truly love to see a cops & criminals type DLC pack. What I mean is alot of new clothes like the FIB, Sheriff, Police and Merryweather uniforms. Also gloves as accesories as well as ski masks and bandanas as masks. You could also throw the police vehicles in for purchase. there is space on the walls for another 15-20 guns, which you can higlight already, doesn't take much to work out new guns will be added. aiming too high because its alot of coding, yes, i am sure the 5 years and £170 million they spent in making the game we have was so they can slack off on their dlc for a game that could easily be running for 5 year like gta iv I agree and possibly longer, that is if R* continues to moderate the servers. I just think it was a terrible idea to drop moderation on GTAIV for RDR. I mean GTAIV probably still has a good amount of players on it! Anyway sorry if I'm spamming.
  5. No? I am American, why would you think that?
  6. You get a gun for being a Social Club Member, R* might just go down that road but more guns could be possible in a DLC. The Beach Bum Pack has new vehicles so whats stopping R* from adding some guns later? I would Imagine that we would get a new MG and the Desert Eagle that never made an appearence. (which is suprising) Though on the rest of your comments I think your aiming too high.... thats alot of coding and I doubt R* would do it for a DLC.
  7. Oh, Im an idiot that was for the GTA:O trailer so I am clueless but R* North is in EST and they love their fans so I am going to be waiting for it at 12am EST but remember the servers will be terrible for the first week
  8. OMG YOU ARE AWESOME! I have been wondering that forever!
  9. ehh damnit, no sorry... it was a while ago but I believe it was on twitter
  10. Yeah the SE/CE is mostly things that arent in-game besides RDR had like 3 exclusive preorders and it was all available for purchse 6 months later.
  11. 10am EST, Came right from Dan Houser of R*
  12. It is NOT PAY-TO-WIN the only micro-transactions R* mentioned was for in-game cash. In Death Matches/Races it wouldnt matter and if you can pay to level up then who cares? One troll that spent their whole paycheck on micro-transactions couldnt ruin an entire game, espeacially if they paid to be level 100. In that case they wouldnt know what theyre doing anyway. The worst scenario is a private match with your freinds.
  13. What I have been curious about for months is the character pool for the character customization, are we going to pick grand parents from characters in previous GTA's, GTAV or random characters?