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  1. Managed to get into the largest of the glacial fractures. Another uncharted space charted!
  2. I just figured out how to get into the glacial fractures safely, and explore them! I'm like the first man in the moon! ? Also, I'm talking about the deep abyss crevasses, not the shallow ones. There are paths and cavern-like structures down there. So I did a step-by-step guide, in case anyone else wants to check these out for themselves.
  3. Here's my method on how to get back to the locked region of the map from chapter 1 using the pass-out trick.
  4. I've started to keep track of the paths up in Tempest, GrizWest. Because there is actually a full network of paths up there with footprints on them. Feel free to join in.
  5. So this was weird. I've crossed through the Tree's of Guarma many times, and only now I see this huge cube randomly. It is only visible if in range, so you wouldn't know it was there unless you were close. It was hollow and untextured. I have seen many other small cubes around outside of the map, and i assumed they were skyboxes for lighting. But this box was insanely large lol
  6. Nope, didn't need any horse items crossing the river. The stamina stimulants were mainly for speeding up the journey on the cheat horse. So, at 3:20 you can drop off the edge, die and respawn in Guarma, but you can't use any cheats there. So option 2 is if you want to ride around instead of walk everywhere once there. Strangely though, you can whistle your horse in RDO whilst in Guarma, just not in story mode.
  7. This is how I get to Guarma now. I was testing out different areas to get drunk at, and this cuts out the huge treck around NA/NP.
  8. So I'm going to have a rough estimate, and say that I think the playable area of the game only equates to approximately 1/3 of the entire physical map that can be roamed on(out of bounds).
  9. ? I did show you though. He's just a dumb ass, and needs his hand held all they way through. Yeah i can understand the other map areas being there for visual standards, but this one you would never see unless you went out of your way. They clearly had big plans for Guarma and cut back fairly early on.
  10. So I went exploring around Guarma, I've done it a few times now. But I always avoided the low poly zones, fearing I would fall through and kill my character, sending him back into the playable area. Now after exploring multiple times, I decided to leave no rock unturned and took the leap of faith. I soon realized that, after galloping around a large distance, that the entire low poly segment was solid ground. So I decided to go further, and see how far those low poly models go. To my surprise, Guarma is, in fact, an entirely handcrafted island, with shores, beaches, bays, and even painted on pathways! So my first thought was this must the entire Island cut from the leaked map? At which point I decided to walk the entire island. It took me several in-game days, since I lost my horse down the side of a cliff very early into my expedition, and had to walk it on foot. Interestingly I started to sum up the shape of the island, and the inner mountainous features, and it does in fact match that leaked map island! I noticed Cinco Torres was that small island to the south west of the island, but in the story, the fort had been placed into the bay. Exploring in that direction, I found an island offshore! This can't be a coincidence, it all fits into place, like missing puzzle pieces. So the big question at this point is, why did they cut the content? The map is clearly early development, but they crafted it, and even names added on the leaked map if different locations lead to pathways and square pixel patches which may represent buildings. The island is also big, they could have cut it down, so save memory, yet they left it there like some extremely large easter egg. It blew my mind! So I'm currently compiling the video, although it's very dull watching me walking around a huge empty island, I know that the mapper in you will appreciate it! I'll post that later, Discuss! The island in context: I never thought I'd be mapping Guarma! lmao...
  11. Yeah, there's a considerably large inner map slop boundary, yet they put the boundaries way up north where you can't reach it, giving you false hope! lol
  12. New methods have been found, so my journey continues! One place that has really baffled me is Tempest Rim. It's a big chunk of the map within the world boundaries yet it's entirely unreachable from every angle. So my next expedition is focused on just that. Looking around that whole area and beyond. Next Stop, Guarma! The main event. Took me hours of exploration, and editing. Still ended up being 45 minutes long! I also made a montage of all the highest peaks I could get to, outside of the playable map.
  13. I haven't seen many people explore beyond the boundaries really, apart from Mexico, so I decided to create a small exploration series to show off how much land there actually is, outside of the main map. More to come.
  14. Created a collectibles map. Not sure if we have one for the website or not, but if you want to add it, let me know, and i'll drop you a high-quality PNG version Treefitty.
  15. Final Map, version 1.0 Full map Image is huge, it's 45k x 32k pixels. Here's the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qKeGsQwuUm8rsB3whqJsxUr6_US9qe4r Keep an eye on the Interactive map by Tspoons, my map may appear on there at some point: https://rdr2map.com/ And this app: Outlaw HQ - Dot8 Studio Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dot8studio.outlawhq2&hl=en_US iOS https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/outlaw-hq-for-rdr2/id1436058136?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D4
  16. Here's the scores so far: Gamespot- 9/10 3D Juegos -10/10 IGN -10/10 PushSquare -10/10 Game Reactor -10/10 Game Informer – 10/10 Press Start – 10/10 VideoGamer – 9/10 Metro – 9/10 COGconnected – 100/100 National Post – 9.5/10 Shacknews – 9/10 Attack of the Fanboy – 5/5 Destructoid – 9.5/10 GamesRadar+ – 5/5 Stevivor – 10/10 We Got This Covered – 5/5 Telegraph – 5/5 Xbox Achievements – 95% Multiplayer.it [Italian] – 9.6/10 Hobby Consolas [Spanish] – 99/100 Gameblog [French] – 10/10 GamePro [German] – 96/100 Here's the links to all the reviews: https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/red-dead-redemption-2/critic-reviews?dist=positive Just waiting on that Metacritic to average out. https://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/red-dead-redemption-2 Metacritic Score PS4 Pro 97 Xbox One x 98
  17. Yeah lol it's not pretty. I couldn't be bothered to try and fix it too much, I have to map the full map properly soon anyway.
  18. Tried to make an enhanced version of the leaked map. The whole thing will be here soon so I didn't put too much effort into it.
  19. I think this was right, it does match up to Grizzlies West...
  20. You were so accurate it scary! Great analysis and observation Vicey! These are the main things that stood out to me that were either wrong or not even identified.
  21. Map Update v0.74 - Added Treefitty's most up to date town maps *Rhodes *Valentine *St Denis - Added the rest of New Austin *Roads *Paths *Rails *Regions *Towns *Settlements *Note - This is probably my last update pre-game release. From here on out I'll be working on cloning the real map (when it's available) to make an unofficial version. I made the decision to fully add New Austin in its entirety since there's not much left to do now, and that's just my guess before the big reveal. I'd like to thank you TreeFitty, Viceman, and Koeklin for joining me on this journey and putting our brains together in amazing ways, and it shows. You guys have done a great job matching up town landmarks and visualizing the maps down to the very last detail. Hopefully, we'll be back for more in the future. And the final countdown begins, see you guys on the other side, it's been a ride!
  22. Looking at the inside of the steelbook case that i posted on the mapping thread, it looks like it is going to be two discs. Unless there's a bonus dvd /bluray inside the case.
  23. Someone has the steelbook version and it's been opened!!! Shits about to get real!