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  1. i really don't know, if CoD is going to be the same this year like MW3 was the same as MW2 then Yes, if CoD is fresh, whole new engine, cleaner gameplay, great new multiplayer feel then CoD might win but i don't know. all that i'm saying is that GTA5 will end up being better and you'll get more for your money and i will definately buy this game:D
  2. Hi im new here and haven't checked the forum for posts like this but still I thought as there probably will be multiplayer (well we can be certain of it) i can share some ideas with you on customisation. Cars- For starters i hope there is a game mode like race where you can buy a car (you can use any car for free anyway) but you can buy one and fully customise it: paint jobs, vinyl's, window tint, exhaust, fuel, bonnet shape, trunk shape, bumpers, weight frames (like rally cars), wheels and Nitros perhaps. Also these cars can be found in certain garages over the MP map which will have your car in it only, no one else can have you car. also i would love a wide range of cars anyway from old cheap cars - to new supercars - to muscle cars - trucks and so on. skin- i think it would be great to customise your character again: age, sex, face shape, height, weight, top (t-shirts, jumpers, jackets (done up and unzipped), shirts (buttoned and un-buttoned)), trousers (shorts, underwear, jeans, hiker pants), shoes, gloves, hats and glasses. and of course you can change colours on them, like colour 1 - red, colour 2 - blue. Also i think it would be GREAT to have DLC skins like on LBP 1 and 2. so you can dress up as say john marston, buzz lightyear, scarface, terminater (destroyed), angus young, hellboy and so on when a film comes out maybe they can have some characters from there as DLCs even optimus prime (but he would have to be smaller. guns- on the trailer i saw a silencer making me think that you can customise weapons, keeping it like gta 4, where you can still find weapons laying about but instead of a pistol as your starter maybe you can buy a weapon to replace it and then customise it: sights, colour, silencer, ammo, dual and so on. say an RPG will be expensive and a revolver not as quite. Some more gamemodes would be great, like "defense building" one teams stays and defends a building and the other team has to destroy it (destructable environment for this one building?) or team banger racing, destination race (one destination but you can take any route), terminator (one player has extra ammo and heath and the others have to kill him (one life) but it will take place in a small area. and once again FREE ROAM!!!! also friendly game, no guns but just a mess around like mountain biking only, or flying jets only. thanks for reading
  3. I want some old cheap cars, just because they always seem fun to drive. Not too fast and powerful but they are fun in any environment