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  1. Lots of teams are 1-1 now. And some of their offenses sucked!!
  2. I've played both. I didn't feel banged up playing soccer....Case Closed.
  3. Jesus Christ you're defensive, unlike your Ravens last night Well lets see how all your teams play today.
  4. YEs we got our asses whupped. If you say Flacco lost that game though, you didn't watch it and you aren't a real NFL football fan.
  5. ya, I'd sell her to the ballas as their sex slave if I could lol that's brutal!
  6. This just confirmed that I will use Michael the most. I will also see if I can kill his ungrateful bitch of a wife ASAP!!
  7. that's because this isn't the topic for discussing GTA online... this is the discussion for organizing get togethers in GTAIV or RDR... Well would you be so kind, as to direct to that forum topic Sir?
  8. One freaking updated post about this? Did you people not see the GTA ONLINE trailer yesterday? So we're not going to discuss that? Really?
  9. I'm not a fan of other teams either, but I'm not going to say they suck just because I hate them. I have either Denver or the 49ers to win the SB, but I don't see why we don't make the playoffs. I don't take anything else seriously on here like I told people in chat. However I did make an exception with sports. That's just the way I am about it. I could care less if you guys call me names about video game topics or whatever.
  10. Just make sure you 2 clowns are here during the season, and we will see who sucks. If you actually watched our playoff run, you would see that the Pats were in scoring position 3 times, even with the 2nd half shutout. It was our offense that came through with points. So the defense didn't have to start with the Pats having good field position. The Colts weren't that great come playoff time. SO that was a freebie for the defense. The Defense actually played their best game against the Broncos. Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. For them to get a sack, and 2 INT's off of him, was great. We had beat the Pats before. I wasn't too concerned. Just don't hide when the season is going on. We will see who is the wannabe ESPN Analyst when it's all said and done. The defense dominated both Indy and New England, and sealed the Denver and SF game, so I would say they carried them. And what fuckin team do you think I cheer for? (hint- see the profile pic) Worry about your team...The Lions? I bet our record will be better than theirs.
  11. So who do you like? No the fuck they didn't CARRY them into the playoffs. You need to learn how to watch games. And what team do you cheer for?
  12. I doubt they even break .500. The defense is gonna be mediocre and Flacco is still barely a top half QB. Baltimore will be in a dogfight for third place with Cleveland. I could get a friend or two to join. Don't know if 'outsiders' should be acceptable, but I believe it is better than a 5 team league.Yeah...I don't think so. Our defense was almost mediocre last season. Flacco will have the chance to prove how good of a QB he is this season. Our new hands players will help him out. You sound like another person who relies on Sports media. These are the same people that said the Ravens wouldn't make it to the SB, much less win it twice. If I relied on sports media, then I would call the Ravens a playoff team and Flacco an elite QB. I believe that they had a nice draft and offseason for the future, but the moves they made will not make a positive difference until a couple years from now. I see a defense currently that outside Webb, Suggs, and Ngata is inexperienced and is going to struggle even more than last year. I see an offense that has the best running back duo in the league, but a barely top half QB with only two legitimate targets, who are both above average, but not elite. Oh and as a side note, that 'mediocre defense' from last year carried the team in the playoffs. how the fuck did they carry them to the playoffs? You didn't watch our whole season.