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  1. How do you increase the volume of the police radio? It's not really loud enough. I tried changing some things in the audio menu, but didn't know which one affects the police radio.
  2. All this about trying to find out what they mean by writing that reminds me of my english lessons.
  3. I know this has been said alot but It will probably be May 24th or around that time like April. Not only is this popular picture of the pavement on here spelling out 24 of may. The song used came out on 24th of May which most of you know as well. Most people knew those things I have said above, but these ones below I have just noticed and not many have said. This clearly has 5 graffiti'd on the wall for may. Look at the car's number plate its 24th may 8+6+8=22 =2012 All this cant be a coincidence.