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  1. I hate that every car i save in Frankie's garage at his house doesn't save.
  2. You've already tried that one and im not a little bitch that'll listen to you.
  3. Well dont post ugly ass pictures and say "Im totally not a proud american" and not expect a comeback like that
  4. Well you dont look 16 ,you look like 20
  5. Well you dont look like what I expected
  6. I also hope the traffic signals are better because like in GTA 4 when one light went the other one was still on and there were cars crashing into each other.
  7. The title. Never mind about this situation .It doesn't really matter that much.
  8. Normally it would just take me to the top but since a couple days ago it was taking me to the middle of the topic.
  9. Why is it that when I go onto the forums and go into a topic it takes me half way down the page?