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  1. What would totally ruin it for me? Only one thing, if the game never came out. Or gets postponed. What would disappoint me? No military (therefore no TanK) No friends for cruising in free mode (CJ had gang members, Johnny had his biker team, Niko had no one) No haircuts & tattoos No gifts from girlfriends Not enough dialogues from NPCs. (Gets creepy when they say the same things over and over) Few cheats (the more the merrier specially after game completion) Less than 30 players in Multiplayer If the best cars in the game were not in Multiplayer (like the Hayabusa in L&D, Comet in GTAIV) No sticky bombs, suppressed sniper rifles and heat-seeking RPG > that Buzzard was a pain in Multiplayer. When you're not the one flying it. Not enough weapons to choose from No car customization No garage and Not able to wash bikes My favorite customized car disappearing during a mission. Not being able to run a business of any sort If GTAV Police Force A.I = GTAIV Police Force A.I (quite important) No trucks with trailers, no coaches, no planes and helicopters that can land on water No betting games To have $10,000,000 and nothing to spend it on. Up to now.. Edit: That being said I'd still buy GTA6 even if V happens to be a flop. Let's not forget, although game developers have immense creativity, they are themselves limited by platform capacity
  2. Not everyone plays in the same manner. Some are stealthy while others are chaotic players. Racers or real life simulator fans who just want to be politically correct gta bus drivers and go home after a hard game’s work. So the features included in a game has to match all types of expectations. At least to some extent. There are so much high expectations about GTAV that when people will play the game for the first time the only thing they will probably notice is the absence of features they wanted. I hope not. All the wish lists sent to Santa, err I mean Rockstar will almost certainly not all be implemented. Except for the fellow who only wanted a wobbly purple dildo as weapon and an optional naked protagonist. Player classification is important. What kind of player are you? So to stay on topic about the Multiplayer Mode; I found it interesting to have included Friendly Fire: ON/OFF for Peace/War amateurs Blips: ON/OFF/NEAR/FAR for stealth and chaotic killers But the real deal is Pioneering in Multiplayer functionalities. Bringing up that cell phone and viewing a large list of online team missions and features would be very much appealing. The ability to do much more in Free Roam and spending your hard earned money in Single player online on a variety of features as mentioned above such as exclusive online cars and weapons is a nice field to explore. Socialization in a full-feature playground.GTA Style. It’s all very nice to have the latest supercars and weapons but if the environment doesn’t provide the space and infrastructure to enjoy them, what’s the point? How about removing those useless supermarket trolleys and closed amusement parks that lag processors to make room for ramps, extra highways and usable sports arenas? (like mentioned above). Compared to San Andreas Liberty City after a while felt like a prison. But that’s just my opinion. Multiplaying in an adequate environment with features and modes bursting out of my cell phone. Or iPad.. That’s it for me. Let’s not forget, although game developers have immense creativity, they are themselves limited by platform capacity.
  3. My opinion only but to make the game attractive especially post-storyline: Ability to lose money. Drastically. There needs to be expenses. Money coming and going. Now the tricky part for a programmer is how to implement this concept. Buying and Selling houses? What for? Once you bought all the houses in the game, why would you sell them and buy them again afterwards? If you could rent them to NPCs that's a different story. I'd rather rent houses at a fair price depending on whether it's a shed or a mansion. The more luxurious life you want to live, the more the costs. And you have to find the money for your chosen lifestyle. What we want is to interact with the game even after completion. Apart from the vital killing and cop chases. What could these expenses be? Owning a gunshop, renting houses and cars, importing drugs and selling them to smaller dealers. But it shouldn't be a constant, it should be a challenge. How? Maybe some other crooks have the same business (competition!) and you sabotage their deals or rob their suppliers. And/Or even, the products you are selling are perishable, buying too much you make a loss or buying too few you don't make profit. (Playing with balance!) Rented services? If you start small and become a boss wouldn't it be nice to rent one or several Escort/Bodyguard/Driver. Your account debited monthly (ingame time) after paying employees Extra activities: Racing champion - being sponsored by a series of companies. $ One thing to avoid is easy money. If it was real hard to get even a grand ($1,000) and you manage to work your way to the top wouldn't the game have more value? Another concept which I think might be interesting is spending GTA money (earned without cheating) in Multiplayer Mode. Buying a Bugatti Veyron Supersport, Rossi's MotoGP bike, Ken Block's rally car etc etc and a series of gears and clothes making you unique during Multiplayer. And Weapons! Let's put it another way; showing off your riches amongst real players. Rather have a rare and spawnable at will Supercar in multiplayer than a Level 10 badge. The risk of losing it all. How? Natural hazards, can't pay rent, not making profit (competitors killing your employees or you being dumb in business), forced to lower your lifestyle, sell your cars, be a tramp and start all over. Maybe not to this extreme but you get the idea. (Regression!) Remember when Roman first called you and said ''Cousin let's go bowling'' You thought, hey why not cousin. Game completion later, same call, You Ignored. Even the peds annoyed you with always the same sentences, same songs on the radio. The perfect game doesn't exist. If NPC dialogue had about a hundred phrases each maybe people would play the game a little longer. That's maybe far-fetched but it could keep you going until the next GTA. Downloadable Goodies? New weapons, cars, clothes, peds, pets? I dunno. This is what I think might be interesting regarding Money. Hard to get, easier to lose. Let us not forget, although game developers have immense creativity they are themselves limited by platform capacity.
  4. Something that in my personal opinion I think is worth mentioning. The lack of high performance 4 door cars. In the GTA Series the supercars are fun yes but during gameplay and in Multiplayer mode you often require a car that can accommodate more than 2 people. I always go for the same car, the Sultan (GTA's version of the Subaru Lexus hybrid). Fast, agile 4 wheel drive that allows quick getaways. Problem is apart from this vehicle there is not much to choose from. The Police Stinger and the Buffalo are much appreciated but since the game is Grand Theft AUTO I would expect a greater variety of 4 door high performance cars. Isn't that the essence of the game? Well apart from 1001 ways of dismembering people. Something like the Mitsubishi Evo X or the Golf GTI. Even the Evo VIII ( (uk)) can easily bully a Lamborghini Murcielago.Police chases have to be Epic. What about police bikes chases? They should be flying through traffic and you should be exhausted trying to shake them off. Okay not to shove you off the road but keeping a close contact so that Law Enforcement know your exact position when you're wanted. Instead of having THIS where it's only use, according to me, is to go get donuts why not have a Hayabusa Police bike or a Honda Sti1300 for cities and a BMW F650 for rural areas? Escaping police has to be a challenge not breakfast in bed. And how about using that fortune you acquire during the game to buy whether in Single Player mode or Multiplayer mode some stuff like .. A Bugatti Veyron Supersport Ken Block's Subaru & Ford Fiesta The Stig's Gear GhostRider's 500bhp Hayabusa Valentino Rossi's Yamaha Stuff like that. Oh and a tracking device so if ever I take my favourite car on which I have spent a couple on grands for mods (if ever possible) on a mission it doesn't just disappear cause a Perrenial decided to spawn right where I parked.
  5. What I want for GTAV? Weapons Every weapon from every GTA series. Especially from Ballad of Gay Tony ! (Sticky bombs was an excellent idea) Optional removable Silencers/Mufflers for AK47, M16 & semi-automatics for stealth missions. Night goggles Optional laser sight scope for pistols, AK47 & M16 Binoculars Tracking devices Geography Miles and miles of highway Extra long straights to test topspeed of supercars and to race in Multiplayer Mode Vehicles More fast 4 door cars e.g Mitsubishi EVO X, Golf GTI, Audi A7 Convertible apart from the traditional Sultan (Subaru) KTM Supermoto 990 & Harley Davidson VRod, Hayabusa Police bikes Bugatti Veyron Supersport (better version of GTA's Bullet) Tanks & Army vehicles having 50cal machine guns Choppers & trucks (semi-trucks) that can carry other vehicles Customizable cars. And not being imposed a color when going to Pay & Spray Important: To retrieve my car if forced to abandon during missions. Too many times I took my favourite vehicle while going on a mission and I am forced to leave it behind to pursue an event in the mission. What's the point of customizing a ride to let in rust in the garage? Some crazy 6 wheel or 8 big wheel vehicle with flamethrowers etc Drive/Ride in 1st PersonView; seeing the steering wheel, your hands and the speed gauge while looking around cruising Addons to gain extra cash: Available anytime during freemode Betting Games Escort Bodyguard Extorsion Pimp Bank robbery at will with reinforced security after each successful robbery. Ability to recruit a team, replace members at will. Decide if members ride in one vehicle or seperately. Improved A.I. I enjoyed riding with gang members in Lost & Damned, each on his own bike. Buy corrupted cops to decrease wanted level. Has to be every expensive else it'll be too easy. Just pay a fine for a one star fellony and not have to go to Police Station. Police I want the police to be smarter. If I am being shot at and I shoot back police only focuses on me while others keep shooting freely at me. Not too realistic. If I snipe a cop from a skyscraper police should be searching the area and not instinctively know my exact position. If I steal a car and no one sees me it would be interesting if police on patrol keep an eye out for that car and if spotted then ask me to pull over for a police check. In reality you'd be sweating while driving a stolen car. Girlfriends I dont want to be the only one taking them out. Hey it's a two way traffic, they should be able to take you to nice spots as well and buy you gifts. And I dont want them calling me every 5 minutes. Would be nice if some of them participated in robbery or missions etc Spending my money What do I do with all that cash during or at the end of the game? How about buying a gunshop? Buying cars. Doing business, money laundering, investments: funding a small gang and getting a cut from their 'work'. Buy a race track or a sports team. I wouldn't mind being able spending that money in Multiplayer at the end of the game. I dont mean buying houses, what would be the point? More like buying an access key that lets you choose from a series of weapons and clothes. Just a rough idea but spending GTA money on GTA multiplayer seems interesting. But one thing we have to keep in mind, although game developers have immense creativity they are themselves limited by platform capacity. Too many features on a game might cause lag. But technology keeps improving and more powerful processors will surely allow us to enjoy GTA 6, 7 and so on.