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  1. I love R* but they really dropped the ball with GTAO. Not having online heist almost a year after you heavily advertised them to be in the game is a shit business practice. If (when) they announce heist as next-gen exclusive then they can fuck off.
  2. Couchsurfing sounds like your best bet if you want to live shackled in the dark corner of a basement and never see the light of day again.
  3. I originally came to this thread to ask if you were going to Turkey. It seems to be a very interesting place so if you do decide to go there please take pics and give an overall impression on what you think about the culture, people, food, women, etc. Do that for every country you visit actually if you can.
  4. There are plenty of people out there that would love to have an able bodied Jew. Muslims for example. The Syrian business man kidnaps Analog to sell him to wealthy Middle Eastern buyers for anything from slave labor to converting him to Islam(Which is worse than torture). Guess I should have made that part more clear.
  5. That smile quickly fades when from behind two masked men quietly approach, one of them pulls out a nightstick and proceeds to knock you out. "Hello sir, we have acquired the target" one of the masked man says on the phone in Arabic. "I told those damn Sicilians no casualties, I can not risk my merchandise being put in harms way, not yet. Regardless, bring me what I paid for. The auction is about to start." says the man on the other line. You wake up what seems like hours later to the sound of familiar music playing in another room. You open your eyes but discover something is on your head and your hands have been tied behind the chair your sitting on. Someone takes the burlap sap off your head, you look up to see a Syrian business man. "Hello I have been waiting for you. We have been waiting for you." Then you start to remember where you heard that music in the background. It was in the casino down the street from where you lived in Vegas. The man pulls back a curtain on the wall to reveal a group of wealthy looking people standing behind a window. "It took me a while to find it but what you have all been waiting for is finally here. Bidding for The Jew will now begin." This is actually close to the real plot for Hostel 3 funnily enough.
  6. No Man's Sky sounds interesting. Its a space exploration game where you discover planets and uncover the mythology behind them. From the looks of this trailer it will also allow seamless control of your ship.

    1. DuPz0r


      I like these sort of games. That's why played minecraft for so long.

  7. Europe is probably safer. There's an urban legend that Walt Disney created Disney World on the basis of Anti-semitism and that Space Mountain is a secret Zyklon B depository.
  8. He's a Jew so he should fetch a pretty penny. I wouldn't blame you if you sent him to those arenas to shop him around to the highest bidder.
  9. This sounds like the beginning of the plot to the movie Hostel.
  10. angeal18


    PS4 is what PS3 should have been. Sony is making up for their missteps last generation and its paying off. Still can't believe knackered outsold Mario.
  11. She really is a braindead cunt. Despised her character since the first episode.
  12. I'm loving this season, just one great episode after another. Was surprised when died, didn't expect that to happen until the last episode considering what Kurt Sutter said about Hamlet being a big influence on the show and where that character would fit in if that was the case. It seems Nero is taking over that role now, not complaining though because Nero is awesome, but him being such a likable good-hearted character is only going to make it that much sadder when shit finally goes down next season. Oh, and fuck Tara.
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    Using a hairdryer actually works and will keep the system running for 2-3 more months, when my PS3 got the YLOD that's what I did. This would only be a temporary fix, at least until you get a new one (or a PS4).
  14. Races piss me off because even the slightest touch of an opponents car can send you out of control. I had this happen many times, I would be in 1st about to win and someone would use the boost from behind me to swerve me out. Its really annoying.
  15. angeal18


    You could be right about that but Rockstar North was working on this game until they decided to do GTA V, so the stuff with the license plate reading 4G3NT and the use of road spikes/ejector seat still kind of feels like they were making a nod toward this.
  16. angeal18


    There's a mission in GTA V that I'm pretty sure was Rockstar giving us a small sneak peak at Agent and some possible features.
  17. Hey good shit Massacre, I'm going to go check and see if I can find it. Its probably the best melee weapon in the game (for me at least) so this helps me out a lot.
  18. I already checked those locations and I couldn't find it. I think it might be different for online.
  19. I had a crowbar in my inventory on GTA Online but when my character got deleted and I lost everything, I forgot where I originally got it. Has anyone here got a crowbar online yet and if so, how?
  20. Rockstar's cloud is unstable, it'll have difficulty loading your characters and info sometimes but it's all still there, just give it another shot every now and then and like Drew said DO NOT overwrite. In short, Idk, but probably yes. (To everyone who didn't figure this out) If you get the message that says you cannot connect to cloud, that's the online equivalent to not being able to access your memory card. Your character won't load because there's nothing to load it from. Well... guess all my shit's gone then. Fucking fantastic.
  21. Yeah the same thing happened to me. If I had knew that could happen beforehand I would have killed the guy after I stole his car. I'll try that. Thanks.
  22. Does anybody know how to get rid of a bounty? Everytime I go into free mode it pops up that I have $3000 on my head and then a bunch of people try to kill me.