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  1. Yep, I meant to link to that myself but forgot His map shows around about 12sq mile cropped map for RDR, but as I said, a large portion of that, more than 40% is not explorable due to the impassible walls. As S.A. is proven to be the biggest we know it's going to be significantly bigger than that, which I guess is the main thing.
  2. I think RDR fits inside the same 6000m x 6000m box as SA, and about half of that is explorable, so it's more like 7 SqM. Same probably applies to GTA4 if you don't count the water. I'm guessing the GTAV map will either be 6000m*12000m or 12000m*12000m.
  3. They've started out with better quality models too, which might eventually show up in the PC version. Small silly example but it looks like the tops of the fence posts are curved in the top shot, but flat in the trailer.
  4. Was wondering about this earlier, will Franklin be the only person who can steal a parked car? A modern, immobilised regular car I mean, not a dune buggy or atv. Would that be too limiting? Guess they could teach each other skills through the game to unlock it a bit more. Trevor teaching flying would be interesting..
  5. It takes most of your oxygen but you can swim along the bottom of the ocean way off the map in Just Cause 2. I think JC's whole landscape starts off as procedurally generated before adding the roads and buildings so it's simpler to extend that infinitely than combining it with a hand crafted model.
  6. I think they could do it half endless ocean and half endless desert if they wanted to. If there's a drowning time limit for being stranded in the ocean they could put a dehydration system for the desert. But I think it'll be an island.
  7. haha! Could well be nothing, It's easy to start seeing patterns everywhere if you stare too long.
  8. No problem, I think their map will be roughly accurate in the city but must get wilder beyond there. Looking at this old fake, I think he was onto something: I'll see if I can do a bit of tweaking to match my guessed coastline to the GTA IV teaser image, which looks roughly based on Los Angeles County. The 'Malibu' part was a just a guess by me as what could fill that corner but they could end up having Catalina island just like the fake map.
  9. Thanks I have to say, if my theory is right, the way they've solved the problem of representing SoCal as an island in a square map is brilliant. So you should be able to drive all the way down and maybe see some coastal towns and islands along the way.
  10. Put San Andreas in for the first time in years, had forgotten it had sealife in! Got a surprise when I swam into a dolphin. A bit like whistling for your horse in RDR. That would be great.
  11. Put this together in SketchUp. Lots of guesswork in parts obviously but I tried to match all the pictures. Added a link to the file: you'll need sketchup to look at it.
  12. Everything I thought I understood about the map has been turned on its head. In this shot you can see the desert prison, the dish array, the desert airstrip(kinda), the desert freeway, and a few of the contours visible from the cardiving scene. Sorry if this is all old news. I think this means LS is spread over the south of the map and everything else is north of there.
  13. That's actually pretty good. Welcome to iGTA5, TFT2. Thanks! I just wish I could get rid of the clouds and then the map would be a bit more understandable.
  14. Yup, it looks good but to be honest I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't seen your post. Poor guys they must have been staring at this thing for longer than I have. Could be anything.