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  1. It's still unstable for me I'm getting faster Internet tomorrow and gonna see if that helps.
  2. Pause Menu --> Online --> Play GTA Online --> Solo Session
  3. It is still not working for some people? For me it is stuck on the waiting for other players screen after the cutscene where Lamar picks you up from the airport.
  4. Well I kept getting a black screen after 30 minutes I got to characterize player but then I couldn't join a session. I'm gonna try again tomorrow and make a new character. The character I made today looked like a douche.
  5. Mine is mrvn123 but I don't have GTA 5 for Xbox but I might get it later.
  6. My funniest moment was as micheal I switched to him and I was at a stop light and this guy was flipping everyone off so I flip him off and he gets out of his car cursing and we have a good ol' fist fight in the middle of the street.
  7. Do you guys think if you pick up hitchhikers that they will sometimes steal your car like in red dead if you rescue someone in the desert they would sometimes steal your horse?
  8. I didn't like how the minimap was square and the health/armour/special ability bar at the bottom looks confusing because of it.
  9. I cant wait to go where the stocks are managed and shoot up the stock tickers and then say F*** WALL STREET!
  10. you can see how that car customization HUD they took from midnight club and I like how they took weapons changer from midnight club.
  11. mrvn123

    XBOX One

    I'm thinking expensive laptop cooling pad.
  12. We know we're just saying how idiotic IGN is.
  13. Or Carmageddon...... Where was the football field? I only see an amphitheater It is in the middle right of south central I don't know if it is dlc though.
  14. I can't wait to drive on that football field. Brings backs memories of Midnight Club:LA.