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  1. I recently bit part of my tongue off. I was playing hockey (I'm a goalie) and I was ran over. I was taken to a surgeon, where they burnt the cut with a taser-like instrument. My tongue is slowly growing now, although I can't taste anything where the cut was.
  2. The first major injury I ever had was breaking my arm. All I did to break it was fall off of my bed. I was 5 or 6 at the time.
  3. Hello, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! I love all of you!
  4. That cargo plane I saw in trailer 2 looks like it could be fun. Loading things into it and dropping it onto people or driving a car out from the sky.
  5. Now it also pops up in any part of the website besides the forums.
  6. I was browsing through the landmarks and structures section and an ad would bring up a page that said that I had won an iPhone. It does this every time I enter the section. I am a mobile phone user.
  7. It would be hilarious if they made an easter egg, in the Crips gang, that put Timmy in the game. (South Park reference)