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  1. I'm not sure if it applies to the vehicles listed, but according to strategy guide if you own airport hanger and purchase tank it will show up in hanger rather than the garage. Its worth a look...
  2. I think the change to handling made driving a much more enjoyable experience. Sure it's slightly arcady, but it's fun. I do however still think cars take way too much of a beating before it starts to effect performance. I've driven many stock vehicles at high speeds into head on traffic and drove away with only minor scratches and a busted headlight. That's my only gripe. On a positive note, the vehicle selection is simply amazing!
  3. lol I feel like that negative video is a troll. Almost everything he said was bad. "You play as three scumbags"...
  4. Lucky you lol. I just filled out the form. Thank you for the link. I took a whole week off work and can't wait to play. They replied quickly! "We can confirm that your order has shipped. Shipping confirmations for GTA V pre-orders are sent between 9/13 and 9/17 as orders are being processed. Because you submitted your order before 12 pm EST Sunday September 15th EST you should receive a shipping notification with your tracking number by end of day on 9/16. Please note that it may take additional time for tracking information to update online. US Orders are shipped via UPS Next Day unless you are shipping to a PO Box or APO/FPO addresses. Orders to PO Box or APO/FPO addresses are shipping via mail. We also suggest you add [email protected] to your allowed sender list to ensure you can receive our automated email notifications. Please let us know in case any further assistance is needed. Thank you, R* Warehouse"
  5. I STILL haven't received a confirmation from R* warehouse. They guaranteed release day arrival. I don't know how that's possible if it doesn't ship today.
  6. The only thing I read today that kind of bugged me was, no car hydrolics. ohwel
  7. Did you get confirmation email saying you were billed? Mine said I would be notified, but I havent yet.
  8. I looked and checked email. I ordered from R* website. I haven't been billed yet, no confirmation, no tracking number. The page says release day delivery... I hope its true. Side note, strategy guide from Amazon hasnt shipped yet either. Probably Monday I would assume.
  9. I havent played, but I have watched several videos even though I promised myself I wouldnt. Game looks fantastic. But I will admit, the high-speed crashes did look lackluster. I'm still super excited and hope game gets delivered on release day!
  10. Dude dont even say that... I already couldnt help but watching leaked vid already. I dont want to be spoiled. I wont be able to resist the internets for that long!!!
  11. But in SA you also had a button to look out window for drive bys. In IV yoi hit button to shoot, then aimed with right thumb. Couldnt aim if bouncing around everywhere. It was awkward enough in IV and I could hardly hit shit without coming to almost a complete stop...
  12. Me! By the time I get home I'd be wide awake and pumped to play for atleast 8 hours or so... I waited 5 years, whats a few extra hours awake going to hurt... Plus I'm a night owl. But sadly I wont be going to midnight release. I ordered from R* warehouse. They promised release day delivery...