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  1. Ya sorry fellas, I was attempting to not write a book about past GTA marketing...YES what I meant, in GTA4 they (over the course of 10 weeks) they went from near silence, to a progressive release of media (pics and trailers) to the game...It looks like they are doing the same thing here, of course I could be wrong, but given how they chose to market their GTA flagship in the past, it seems to me like the next logical step and things are about to blow up...Just a observation from past games, not a fact.
  2. Hahaha, i'll keep that in mind So what's the story behind the skateboard accident, what were you attempting at the time? Boneless 360 fingerflip off a 30ft gap... My knee blew out on take off and I landed backwards and fractured 3 vertabrae in my back...It sucked.
  3. Of course i'm not sure, just trowing it out there...It does make me wonder how they are going to transition between the desert of the LA foothills and the forest of Yosemite though.
  4. Thats kinda what I was getting at, if nothing else a simple zombie cheat would be fun... In all honesty though, being more realistic, i'd be more than satisfied with a Triad or especially Yakuza themed DLC!
  5. Well at the part with the wind turbines it's clear it's located in a somewhat desert like environment. I think a desert would be cool for motorcross. Of course so would a forest area. Ya that's what bugging me...what they were showing is the Altamont Pass wind farm, which is near me in northern california, but also ironically enough on the way to Yosemite...Leads me to beleive the map is going to be a whole lot larger than people are anticipating!
  6. Ya I know, and it was a blast! Can you imagine how fun it would be to instantly go zombie mode?...I think it's time for a comeback!
  7. I'm not so sure...With them taking on yosemite valley and the LA mountain range, I think they just might...But I do totally agree with you that it will probably be to fill a location for Twentynine palms MCB, or more likey Edwards AFB in the Mojave!
  8. I agree, thats one thing I always thought was a cut short of how far they could bring it...it the auto dealerships in GTA4, you should have been able to pick and choose from their online stock and order it...only to either buy it or steal it at the dealership a short time after.
  9. I think you might be on to something here...While the window placement is slightly off, that bridge and deck placement are dead on to the original!... good pickup!
  10. I totally agree it's two cars after seeing the closeup...Just after seeing the window line from the screenshot, at first I figured it to be a magnum given the window line... I own one is why I noticed.
  11. In past GTA installments, R* has always adopted the mantra of near fanatical silence for a long periods of time, followed by a progressive snowball of screenshots and "leaked" rumors leading up to the eventual launch of the game... I think in lue of what we've seen this past week (with 10 new screenshots in a week, versus 3 in the month before, and 3 in the 6 months after the first trailer release), It's safe to say, they have officially lit the fuse and we can count on a steady upwelling of information and graphic screenshot tid bits over the next few weeks...leading up to the long awaited 2nd trailer & release date for the game. I mean, just study how they have chosen to market their GTA flagship in the past and it's pretty obvious whats on the horizon!
  12. Overall I really enjoyed some aspects of GTA4 side missions (base jumping, drinking, GTA for Brucie and yes even the games), but while fun in free play mode, I REALLY think they could add to the excitment of those side missions.... Maybe a pullover by the cops while DUI, where you'd have to try and get out of it (LA Noire style)...Or a Standoff mode with the cops, where you pick a location and see how long you can survive with SWAT coming down on you... Even maybe a tourny mode with the games where you have the opportunity to unlock a special house for winning "the championship"! Point being, while the sidegames in GTA4 was a fantastic start, there are a multitude of ways they can make those pre-existing games better and more exciting, using special rewards, acheivements and stats to allow people to push their own records and those of the community through Social Club! I for one, am REALLY excited to see how far they take it!