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  1. it has alot to do with melee so i just put it all into one so i dont have to put this in a whole bunch of forums i just summed it all up
  2. sorry to say they over hyped this game then in the end there was a bunch of let downs
  3. The saving cars issue you are having is an ingame glitch, Rockstar has asked that people avoid saving cars until they fix this issue. Also cars do not disappear faster than they did in IV, I've noticed they stay around quite longer. Besides that your post had nothing to do with Pre-release Discussion. You free to join everybody else on the Post Release Discussion sub-forum. I dnt care about a pre release discussion I just stated the car saving cause I seen safehouses and put it there sorry if that sounded mean and if they fix the glitch do I have to go out and buy another copy of the game
  4. Saving any kind of vehicles in this game absolutely sucks they did a shitty job on letting us save and cars disappear faster then they did in 4
  5. im kind of disappointed at the number of enterable buildings. it seemed like there were far far more in gta 4 then this one. i cant even go into a fast food joint or a hospital or barly anything. there is alot of stuff that rockstar was hinting at what we can do and we cant do half of it. its an awesome game but i hope gta 6 will b better.
  6. im going to get the emporer i think its spelt. not the nice one but the beater and hopefully can put a lift kit on it with a bull bar and just go wreck havic in it lol.
  7. That made absolutely no fucking sense whatsoever.. well the thing is about that i dnt fucking care if it made sense or not cause i knw what it meant and thats all i give a fuck about sorry bout the offense language but i have grown up to not care what others think if i say something they dnt like or understand
  8. that pic of trevor gave me an idea. im going to do the same wait for the guard to take a sip of coffee then im going to step out of the car and go up to him and shoot him in the face. then after that i am going to go to the gate force the guard to open the gate then after he does that i am going to give him a big dose of shot face to. then i am going to run up in the prison and take out all the guards and inmates sounds like a good idea and u know why..............because i gta u can do whatever ur little heart desires lol.
  9. if they give the best game out there a less of a score then the crappy game of SR4 then they must have a bunch of monkeys that just pound on keyboards to give a game a review working for them and they all should b fired for stupidity. IMO
  10. I reckon snow could be a part of GTA V in 3 different ways. 1) - ( the most likely ) It's only in one isolated area of the map ( like Pothatuu said ). 2) - ( only semi-likely ) If the events in the story happen over a timeline, there could be a weather cycle that blankets different portions of the map in snow ( during the winter timelines ). 3) - ( unlikely ) Maybe snow is part of one of the new areas that will be made for GTA Online ( because Rockstar said that they would be adding content over time/ possibly introducing new portions to GTA V's map/ adding to either the main land or maybe creating other islands off the coast ). Remember the place that has snow ( "North Yankton" ) in the Brochure has a real world equivalent in South Dakota ( or it could be based off of Aspen/ or another Ski Resort Town ). So maybe this is pointing to a bigger GTA Online in the future covering more of the US with fictional cities and towns based on real world places. It would be cool if all of the locations were connected too one another as well ( made into one "Giant Game World"/ it might be possible with Next-Gen Hardware??? ). ^^Where's the Snowy area of GTA V's map seen in this postcard?^^ The "GTA Online Map" could end up stretching North up to San Fierro ( San Francisco ), and East to Las Venturas ( Las Vegas/ plus R* could legitimately add Area 51 ( "69" ) since it's in Nevada as well ) and maybe even add another City & Town further East like Salt Lake City and Aspen ( Aspen is marked "A" on the map ), too add some more variety to the terrain with some snowy areas ( plus it would be interesting if they added a Yellowstone like National park in the north/ due to the great diversity of it's wilderness ). im from south Dakota and there is a lot of snow in yankton when I go through there in the winter what gets me how could they put a town from the Midwest into san andreas just for the snow?
  11. It is pretty small. IRL it can be easy to not know where a gun shot came from if it is any real distance away since gun shots tend to echo. So the cone may not be saying that people outside the cone cant hear it, just that they will be unable to track it back to you easily. of course being a video game they may make it small just for game play reasons. I mean if the cone covered half the city every time you fired it might make things a little difficult. I like the idea of it depending on the environment though. That is a lot of gun stores, and I would say that is a gun range there. I did just notice, and maybe this has already been discussed, but two of the safe houses on the map are black while one is white. what do you think that means? Could the black one be houses that are unavailable to you for some reason? the black ones could b trevor and franklins house while the white one is michaels and u are playing as mike and that is why its white just a thought.
  12. take better care of your cars then so u don't have to worry about it. lol joking ive played gta since the first one ever came out and that is almost impossible to do
  13. You are exactly right most people are never happy or if they are they get that way by complaining about something. GTA has always been the best they need to quit complaining about something that rockstar has perfected over the decades and just accept that GTA will always be GTA end of story. Trust R* guys they know what they are doing And another thing I forgot the people who have complained are likely the ones who haven't played GTA before its always the noobies who do the most complaining but most of us like me who have played it since the ps1 version came out are happy to see another good one come out in the series. so to all the noobies who want to complain about GTA go find another game to complain about.
  14. yea, those guys weren't worth listening to at all in that pic video... i cringed when he said there wasn't swimming in san andreas... and they spent more time trying to crack stupid jokes at each other instead of taking the time to look over the images... colin and greg are all business and a little humor... these guys have no business and were going for all humor... there was swimming in san andres i swam a few times when my car flew into the water by the big mountain
  15. TerrOil sign (white drop of oil on orange background) to the left of the light post on the bridge. thats a ron gas sign not terror oil theres was green