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    I had the same problem just now trying to log on using Chrome. Nice to know everything's good though.
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    Hooray. I'll just rename this topic a little.
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    Hey, on the same note, couldn't get onto the forum a moment ago until I clicked off the "Block reported attack sites" button in the security settings. Just came up with this: Edit: Don't really want to leave that security button off, but will do for now. Also, I've been having that same problem with this place re-directing me to another site, only on me phone though, and not all the time.
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    I tried to get on the chat today, and it keeps saying I have been kicked from the chat room. It seems to do this on occasion, but I usually reload the page and it works. That is not the case today. Can someone explain what is going on?
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    How would you guys improve the front-end website? - http://www.iGTA5.com I know most of you skip it and come straight to these here forums, but ensuring the main website is as useful and user friendly as possible is my main priority. The forums effectively run theirself, but I need to ensure that visitors are enjoying browsing through the content on the site. I appreciate any and all feedback on the website. Whether you don't like the colours, the fonts are too hard to read, you'd like to see specific features implemented (e.g. the ability to log in and post comments with your forum account)... Let me know here. Not promising to make all requested changes or developments, but if enough people think something will improve the site, I'm all ears. Thanks.