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    Yeah while we were getting fucked up dio was eating his fiber bars. I didnt notice that until I saw the pictures hahaha When he and bones left, my floor was littered with candy bars, eCola cans, beer bottles, and cigarette butts. It was a good time. I'll try to catch you guys more often. I had a lot of fun.
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    Bones and Tanner in their busted plane Tanner's Sadler as we tried to get some seasharks. for some reason they all blew up Tanner close Stoned at Tanners
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    a few more before i forget... i dunno why grove didn't share this one, i think it's the best despite the funny head glitch above... time to discuss strategy with kuz, dio, and killyou... aaand two more from bmxog... lulz ahead...
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    Here's my contribution to the iGTA Paddy's Day event. Leprechaun Leap Game: http://rsg.ms/PsIXGk Players: 1-16, Bike Race Beat that red headed goblin to the end of the rainbow, and take that gold! The Celtic Spirit Game: http://rsg.ms/PsJgAT Players: 2-16, Deathmatch We'll show them how it's done in Ireland! Shamrock Shuffle Game: http://rsg.ms/PsJQP9 Players 1-16, Compact Car Race Drive your drunken arse back home, after a night on the tiles with the boys and girls! Shamrock Shuffle is my favorite by far. I think with the description in mind, and a few pints down you, it'll be a treat to play
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    You always know how to arouse me, Tanner. I love the desert far too much.
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    I only got a couple of pics last night. And i'm hard at work making things for next weeks themed event!
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    Los Santos Pub Crawl 1-16 players It's time for the annual Los Santos Pub Crawl! Visit the finest drinking establishments Los Santos has to offer, but avoid the mess left by the revelers who arrived before you. Loser buys the first round! http://rsg.ms/1gqtcp3 A few people are going to hate me after doing this race.
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    It's nice you have a capture card. Now go take some beautiful scenic/weather atmospheric screenshots and i'll use them as my phone wallpapers.
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    Two of the three I made Monday are molotov-based, mostly. II has melee weapons and molotovs, forced weapon is unarmed, III just has a ton of explosives (I used the max number of weapon spawns), and forced weapon is a sawed-off shotgun (high damage for shooting explosive barrels, very little range). The first one's a traditional brawl, but I always put at least one molotov spawn in every deathmatch I make. Also making my first race. Because I care.
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    dood!! you're awesome man... i gotta get cracking on some ideas i have... i think even my igta fight night match would be a nice addition to next week's crew event...
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    I like that you got a monitor dedicated to porno on the lower right, conquested.
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    yea, another rare sighting, although, this would be the 2nd time i've played with tanner in a week... so maybe not so rare anymore?? anyways, it's another fine night of igta shenanigans... tanner and his amateur piloting skills weren't too shabby... OHH GOD!! is that normal?!? seems dio had a bit of a problem too... MAYDAY!! MAYDAY!! ... --- sorry i blew up your saddler ... i hope you liked the tricked out one i gave you as a gift ... beach bummin' it... hell on wheels... --- getting fucked up at tanner's... --- old man doing old man things... like hanging out at country clubs, eating fiber bars... --- yea... --- fin...
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    i dont see the trouble in having screenshots here in all honesty tho, unless ur showing of your character or something, your better off with using the camera. PS no one cares what each others character looks like lol
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    was confused as heck until i realized the intro is