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    yes infact i am *Looks at Yakuza, Triads, and Mexican Mafia* Totally. i said blacks, i didnt say chinese, mexicans, and japanese... read before you act like a dick Maybe you should read your own post again. I was responding to the post I quoted, where you confirmed that you think only white people are organized enough for organized crime. I don't give a shit about anything you said before that.
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    Misinformed topics are misinformed 1. Rockstar removed "offensive" content from the Australian gtaiv before they submitted it for classification. This was done under the assumption that our OFLC would ban it in its current form. They didn't remove anything from "episodes from liberty city", and it got the same MA15+ rating. I know in most cases, our rating board are to blame for content being removed, but with the GTA series, they have been pretty good. 2. For those blaming our liberal (in our case, labor) government, our games rating system has been in place (and unchanged) since the early 90's. When the original surge of ultra-violent games (including GTA 3) started, our country was ruled by the right (liberals in our case...). Our left here, while a bunch of dumb shits, at least are more open minded when it comes to gaming violence. The amount of games that are banned has dropped under labor. 3. All our state governor-generals have agreed to review the classification system, with the proposed outcome being an R18+ rating.
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    No it won't be, for the same reasons that GTA IV wasn't banned in Australia. They'll make small changes to the Australian version of the game (like removing blood) to get it to pass inspection. After all, this is Rockstar we're talking about, they're not stupid.
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    This is a great example of what happens when you allow your government to be run by liberal activists.
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    A real depressing shit-hole. I'd like to live there. I always expect to bump into you in the subway system, that's what makes it spooky for me.
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    Lol. I'm guessing fuck Ast. At least they didn't waste another 20 seconds inverting your sig
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    Pedestrians attack you. This was fun as hell in san andreas, with better AI, better physics and hordes of peds climbing ladders and stairs to beat your ass would be pretty awesome. Plus this would mean a zombie cheat/DLC wasnt necessary as it would accomplish pretty much the same thing.
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    Big Red ones that go wee oo wee oo?