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    I miss my dart gun so fucking bad...
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    Yeah, I'm preferring them over the iGTA buttons. It's proper old-skool.
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    Yeah I'd noticed they were phone friendly now... I'll get hold of the app too.
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    Apparently the push notifications do work, but I think they're turned off for the site by default. You need to go into the "forum list", click settings, choose iGTA then go to the "Push Notifications" option and enable it. Then choose the notifications you want to receive.
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    I don't really care about my rep count, you know that. In fact I'm quite curious to see what happens if it reaches -100. Insta-ban. You hit -100, you get an insta-ban, but are still able to be downvoted. If you hit -1000, you lose your home and car, and at -10000, you cease to exist.* *Existence destruction ray courtesy of Warlord Industries. Tits, indeed. That Elsa is a "fly bitch," as the blacks would say. And I'm not pre-ordering at all. I've finally decided that I'm just not excited enough about this game to buy it on release day. I'll be waiting on a substantial price drop before I buy it.
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    @XBOXEDDY - Rockstar and Team Bondi are still tidying up the little things and I'm sure the likes of what you pointed out are included so I wouldn't be too picky just yet. Most people are still looking at it as if it's the next GTA when what we should be taking notice of is how well the facial expressions come across plus as Jeronimo Barrera said, "It's not GTA with fucking fedoras". That screenshot with the train and truck is just that, a screenshot, it will probably look convincing when we see it in motion.
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    Some concept logos for Red Dead Redemption:
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    Just saw some of the gameplay footage from PAX and it looks brilliant, I think they've nailed the detective/thriller feel. It draws you in straight away as if watching a movie, only you're in it. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFk6LnUNjc8
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    Now all we need is a dancing penis emoticon. playze!
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    ^ Oh look, he's got a sealed system in his house cooool. Anyway, I've really gotten back into multiplayer on TBoGT and it would be cool if the next GTA could have an option [in free roam] to be either on the good side, or the bad; You can either be part of the police force or a nut job on the street causing havoc, a bit like APB.
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    @bOnEs Check this thread out, it's dedicated to Los Angeles noir period, it has a gazillion photos showing L.A's transformation. Warning though, it's addictive! Also, I love how Rockstar games turn me into a history buff, I was never interested in the wild west until RDR came out (or rather - during the pre-launch build up) and now I'm fascinated by it. Same now goes for Los Angeles' noir period, I even bought a book the other week called "The Lady Killers" - although it's set in modern times, reading it takes you into the mind of a serial killer and the detectives who are investigating. When I was at school I loved history but these days I'd rather Rockstar be my teacher, they make it so much more interesting.