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  1. Thing is, it's not even an actual social site, it's more of a social hub linking viewers to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It looks shit anyway.
  2. For someone who finds the new Like system to be 'gay' you certainly have no problem using it.
  3. Really liking the new look of Invision, much sleeker. Also liking the new Facebook-esque 'Like' system.
  4. That picture of Pie never ceases to make me laugh.
  5. Layer Cake and Football Factory. Layer Cake for the drugs scene and Football Factory for the booze/drugs/gang-life/sex scene. Fuck it, set the actual game in England.
  6. Crimson's the only person I've known on the internet to have 'butterfly' in their name so, yeah, butterfly if feminine.
  7. Anyone else really wanting to hear what Demon has to say next?
  8. That was just... I don't know what.... Just....
  9. You're not gonna bombard us with messages urging us to donate to poor honkys like Psy's other test dummy, are you?
  10. Yeah, Ascension is awesome. Played it for the 1st time the other day and I'm hooked. Don't really get much time to play, but perhaps we could organise a regular game(s) night for the iGTA community? Get a little competition going?
  11. So, figured the forum needs a topic to discuss multiplayer and arrange a match or two. Could make a list of everyone's PSN ID's and Xbox Live gamertags and get a few games going.
  12. The majority of them are unfunny sounding. R* have a knack for picking satarical domains to mock real-life ones. 99% of the ones listed above sound like genuine sites.
  13. Forget everything I said before, GTA V needs hyper-realism along the lines of Brink. Man, that shit would rock.
  14. They seem to really fit in with the default IPB theme too. Just need the Gold Member badge from GTA-SanAndreas.com's forums to complete the look; would anyone still have those?
  15. Yeah, I'm preferring them over the iGTA buttons. It's proper old-skool.
  16. Brilliant, a hipster as the main character. Make him wear a fez. Fezzes are cool.
  17. Man, those badges. They were the shit. Still are. GTA-SA<3
  18. I'm liking the badges the moderators/admins have: I reckon someone could easily edit that to read 'Gold Member' - make it fit with the forum theme.
  19. I got confuzzled, there was a radio button next to the 'Bigger Inbox' feauture and I was just lolwut. But I sorted it now, paid up.
  20. Subscribing now. One more question though; I'm happy to pay the fee for subscribing but is there a way to donate a bit more money, just to say thanks to Psy and help keep things going? EDIT: There's no radio button next to Gold Member Upgrade, only bigger inbox =/ EDIT #2: lmao, I'm such a twat! That radio button is for all those features EDIT #3: And it's done!
  21. Duff, you're a legend. Now, about the subscribing/donating - is there a way to do that now or would I have to wait for Psy to publically launch iGTA5.com before I can do that?