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i think it was a great way to start season 8... we need to see a war... you can't compare this opening to last season when the whole world was waiting to see who negan killed... this is much different, this opener showed that rick and crew have come a long ways since then... rick finally grew a pair...


of course now that the season has begun, we'll see if episode 2 is a filler, or a continuation of war...

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this past episode was way better than the previous 3 episodes combined... i find the saviors story to be the most compelling at this juncture in their run... i'm bored of sanctuary, we barely ever spend time at hilltop and the kingdom... and if maggie is the widow, a major target for negan, why have we only seen her for like 10 minutes all season?


the tiger tho, that was a bit of a letdown really... it seemed just tossed in to give the king something else to cry about, it felt random, even tho that's exactly how she died in the comics... meh, i just don't get this season at all... and that stupid rick/daryl fight that ruined the only thing they were going after all season so far... what a joke...

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somehow they capture negan in the comics... but i can't see tweedle dee and tweedle dum catching anything but a cold... perhaps it'll be a combination of dwight, eugene and father, because everyone's favorite duo has been fucking up since last season... rick and daryl are bringing the show down, they should just off em both and let other characters get a chance to shine...


but oh heavens no, no one can touch holier than thou daryl... women need to get over him, he's not bringing anything to the show... rick can be better, but right now, he's running around like a lost puppy... just when i thought he grew his pair back, this season happens...

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