RDR2 Mapping [Interiors & Out of Map inc.]

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they just keep using the same locations lol... smart on their part...


59 minutes ago, DuPz0r said:



R* are being so careful not to show much at all in this trailer! Damn it! The stuff in St Denis looked awesome though!


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Yep, didn't see a single new location as far as I know.


Surprised the map hasn't leaked yet, I only really want to know three things from it, the rest i'm happy not to know.

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Thought someone would've done that by now too, physical and digital data is now out there so it's pretty amazing it's taking this long.

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For St Denis:

From the looks of it, the legal advisor place is north of the bank. So they busted into a north side entrance not the main west side entrance. And looking at the building northwest of the bank out the window, it's not City Hall.


Also noticed a church in the background of this Rhodes shot (northwest of the grocery store). There are a few frames that are more left:



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Connecting these St Denis shots (not 100% sure but they are very close, there are multiple roof levels):





And these might be the last map updates I make since I'm sure the real map is going to be leaked by the end of the weekend...


St Denis:







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In New Orleans, there are not many buildings that have 3 floors of round top french doors. So I think that the books stationery is based on 837 Royal




Vintage image from jamesmshaw.blogspot.com :






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^ Looks good



This is the Giani Building:




I tried deciphering what it says on the signs and/or lights but no luck.


Image result for Giani Building new orleans



New Orleans Photo Gallery 1



Still looking for the building back-left (located where we assumed City Hall was):


^Kind of unique style so it should stand out when it's found.



And going back to the city hall assumption, apparently it wasn't stone columns we saw in the postcard pic it was just the bottoms of trees whitewashed:


Esplanade Avenue: 1900

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here are my comparisons between RDR2 and the real life


Oak Alley Plantation (la vacherie, LA)


The House:


The Alley (1):


The Alley (2):


Oak Alley Plantation in fire  in "interview with a Vampire" :  (movie reference?)



Pitot House (new Orleans bayou)



Shirley Plantation (Virginia)


the house:


the plantation in game :


the plantation IRL:



St Denis

Canal Street:

Crescent Billiard https://i.imgur.com/IrjwT3R.jpg (already posted here)

Vintage buildings 1: https://i.imgur.com/7gN7vZD.jpg (already posted by Dupzor, Thanks!?)

Vintage buildings 2 : https://i.imgur.com/IWM1WMd.jpg

Giani building https://i.imgur.com/Q6xordT.jpg


French Carré

Pontaba Buildings (Jackson Square)



William Henry Jackson's works



A hypothesis: i guess the "Bastille Saloon" is based on "R'evolution restaurant"


the house i haven't found in real life. Do you have an idea?



PS: It's a shame, I don't understand how to display images on igta5 forum. Not for all the links of this post, but just one, sometimes.



Edited by TreeFitty
Fixed most of the images.
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It's an issue with the forums. If you copy the image (not the link) you can paste it here.


I wouldn't know where to begin looking for that house. Didn't bother looking for the plantation houses since there are so many. I'll leave that to the locals/historians. :P

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Doing a little rummaging through google images. Nothing concrete but found similar architectural elements in a few different places:


This New Orleans Officer's House has the right columns, balcony, and windows but not much else:



Hillside Plantation, North Carolina has the right roofs and chimneys but nothing else:



Lochinvar in Mississippi is similar but not quite:

Lochinvar House, WPA.jpg

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Map Update v0.74

- Added Treefitty's most up to date town maps



*St Denis

- Added the rest of New Austin








*Note -

This is probably my last update pre-game release. From here on out I'll be working on cloning the real map (when it's available) to make an unofficial version.

I  made the decision to fully add New Austin in its entirety since there's not much left to do now, and that's just my guess before the big reveal.



I'd like to thank you TreeFitty, Viceman, and Koeklin for joining me on this journey and putting our brains together in amazing ways, and it shows. You guys have done a great job matching up town landmarks and visualizing the maps down to the very last detail. Hopefully, we'll be back for more in the future.


And the final countdown begins, see you guys on the other side, it's been a ride!

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Sad really, part of me wants the game to never release so I can always feel this hyped for it. Six months down the line when the novelty has worn off i'll try to think back to these times, the giddy joy I feel wanting to play this so much, the aching in the loins. I'm going to be so happy that the game is finally out but sad because the journey is over. Then we've got a long, arduous 7 year wait for news about GTA VI.


See you on the plains, for better or for worse, pardners. *tips hat*

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On 10/1/2018 at 4:33 PM, ViceMan said:

Here's my take;



Should've extended the purple line a bit further south on the map but you get the idea.




You were so accurate it scary! Great analysis and observation Vicey!


These are the main things that stood out to me that were either wrong or not even identified.


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1 hour ago, TreeFitty said:

Someone hax0r vicey since obviously he's withholding R* info.


Nah I got plenty of shit wrong, like I said before I think me and Dup were 50/50 on the whole river issue. I knew that Dewberry creek was never the Roanoke river because it was too small and insignificant and flowed SE into Flatiron, I also suspected that the shocker rock was west of the Roanoke river, not east of it like Dup thought. But apart from that i've pretty much agreed with whatever Dup said.

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