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DC Universe Online

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Started playing this game on PC. Its free to play. Theres dumb shit you can buy, but as a free game theres a fuck load of content. Pretty harsh PVP environment. Hard to get to a high level. Get ur ass kicked by other players a lot.

Be nice to have some backup lol

Anyone play this on steam?

searched for a topic. COuld have sworn ive seen it before too. Didnt find nothing but if its already been made, let me know

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i think i talked about it in the PSN topic as PS+ users had free access to the beta... i enjoyed it for what it was, but never really got too into it... here's the character i created...


he had the lightning fast speed... it was OK though, i think it's free to play on the playstation too, you just have to buy the game obviously...

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I play WoW and The Secret World, with occasional delving into Fallen Earth. Any free-to-play MMO is worth a chance, and WoW is still worth the subscription to me. I've played this on PS3, and it's pretty good, although I'm not really a PvP person (only just started delving into it in WoW).

Marvel is making an MMO, too. Waiting for more info on that.

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This game is trash, motherfuckers wouldn't let me be Static Shock.

Defenitley not worth the 17GB to me.

psh, thats just one of the DLC powers. theres like 6 others that are fine.

^ The game just seemed like lots of pointless grinding with an impossible PVP system that catered to the premium players. Not exactly worth the time in my opinion

buddy did you even play it? You get fuck all experience from killing random NCPs or players.

there are some shit that is annoying when it comes to pay membership. cant be in a guild unless you pay. Cant have over 1500 game cash without paying. thats the worst. looked up a work around tho. Buy expensive items and put them in the item bank and sell them when ur ready to go buy more armour. you lose a bit of money and its more work, but its worth it to not pay

and im level 11 now. only have 15 hours in it. You level up fast. and you dont really get much experience from random killing NCPs or other players.

It's all about leveling up doing the story. Pretty much when ur done the story you should be level 30 or at least pretty high. after that theres collecting items, side missions. and just roaming. the map is pretty fuckin big. and PVPing with people ur own level is a blast. When its a fair fight its a lot of fun.

they have a separate server for PvE only. thats vs environment. its the same, but NO player fights. I started there but decided I know ill get my ass kicked some times, but when i am i high level, PvP is gonna be fun as fuck.

and you can get pretty much all the sick looking armours without paying any real money. They aren't expensive compared to the shittier armours. The 1500 max is about enough to get a full set of the good armour


PvP can be annoying sometimes. High level people hang around areas they know newbies gotta do missions lol. Those missions are usually pretty short tho, and they lead up to a full more story orientated mission in a completely different cell where players cant bother you.

If a high level is trying to prey on me i usually just exit the game lol

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