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Aliens: Coloniel Marines

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So Aliens Colonial Marines has been released... And it's a train wreck. Insane ammount of bugs, screen tearing, missing animations, uninspiring game design and one of the worst AI ever! I've been laughing a lot these last days checking some messageboards, Neogaf included. Glad i didn't pre-ordered it.

But there's something really strange about the final product. It simply doesn't look like nothing Gearbox has been showing in demos. I'm not talking about graphical effects alone, but actual gameplay stuff. It's not like they changed the game, it's something completely different. We can all discuss they could have made changes and got rid of some parts, but it's incredible how sub-par the final product is compared to the demos they showed at game events.

Check it yourselves. It actually pretty embarrassing:



So i can only assumed they trolled all Aliens fans with those demos and in the end released a shitty game for 60 bucks.

The game is so full of bugs that by accident it has a Spaceballs easter egg:

So uh? The game finally made it out but it's crap?

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^If that demo would have turned out to be the actual game Gearbox could have taken all the money in my bank acount and rolled with it.

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