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I've been going through the Foundation Series for my second time. SO GOOD. I wonder if it's possible to make a film about this.... Given all the time jumps, it would be difficult.

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Meant to post about my feelings in Emperor of Thorns and the whole Broken Empire series, just got the time.

First of all, to add to Jorg's badassery:

Almost done with Prince of Thorns and it has been a very interesting read, it is much different than the common fantasy series, so I'm writing a few things because I liked this book and I like you too:

Jorg is a badass, he is the definition of hate and darkness, he rapes and kills as he pleases but also gives good philosophy input on life. Few things that make Jorg a badass:

  • Gets in a duel (supposedly with swords), grabs a crossbow and kills his opponent.
  • Eats the hearth of a Necromancer just for kicks.
  • Uses nuclear weapons to kill a whole town (serious).
  • Kills plenty of his posse for being loud mouths to him.
  • Pushes one guy off a cliff to make a point.
  • Finds sex with a whore weird because he didn't have to actually rape her.

One thing you should really know is, the book takes place in the future, it is my understanding that there was a worldwide nuclear holocaust and the human race basically started from zero again.

So yeah, need to add this to the list:

  • Decapitates a woman just to able to use her head as a throwing weapon.

  • Kills guards appointed to him because he knows they can't fight back.
  • Has sex with a female Necromancer.
  • Kills the pope.


Jorg is the one of the best characters ever developed in the fantasy genre, the story of the book starts great, but I think some of it could have been told better, especially as you head towards the end of the series.

There are quite a few things that are hard to pickup (Ginginho, when did you figure who the Dead King was? Did you understand who the Custodian was? The electric chair?), the series success is undoubtedly due to Jorg, not the story itself - not that I'm saying the story is bad though.

The First Law trilogy for example has a really superb story that just drags you in, in The Broken Empire though, Jorg is the one carrying you, I didn't really care about what would happen, as long as Jorg kept surprising me it's all good.

btw Ginginho, just learned that there is a new book coming out in the same universe:


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Wendell Odom and Tom Thomas. goml.

[i'm not even on a course, I do an apprenticeship where I work as helpdesk while I'm training, I just decided I wanted some light reading/to specialize; thinking of virtualization, particularly VDI/Citrix and networking.]

Anybody here work as a sysadmin/anything IT related for companies? The vibe I'm getting is that being well rounded is difficult and equals shit pay and less opportunities, hence why I'm looking to specialize and considering a degree after I become a fully trained MTA.

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I agree with your post. I don't know if I would read the new book only because it was Jorg's story I was interested in, not so sure about anything peripheral...

I got who the Dead King was about halfway through the last book from the necromancers story... there was a subtle hint. I felt I understood the story but probably missed some of the symbolism.... Not sure if I liked the ending.

I am going to read the series again....

In the meantime, I have read Paul Di'Anno's autobiography, The Beast.... That guy is either an epic liar or he has led a very colourful life...

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Provided along with 3 other books by my apprenticeship provider. £150 in total. Glad I didn't pay that.

This book is fairly easy, nothing huge so far I've learned. They also gave me networking, server administration and security

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Anybody else read that in Ryder's voice?

I'm reading this at the mo'


Not right now obviously. Getting fucked up right now.

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Leonard Peltier's Prison Writings. It really sucks to be a Native American. He's been in prison since the 70's for a crime the government admits he didn't commit. He was also illegally extradited from Canada to be put on trial. Pretty fucked up.

Gunny, look into HST's Hell's Angels. My favorite of his.

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