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  1. Do you think they will include even one casino in the game to me it would be great to steal the casino safe. Like in Ocean Eleven.
  2. look at the same size as LC, so it is good enough maybe LS is bigger ? close close. Now let's see what the country side has to offer hope there will be more cities and civilisation. Because one major city ain't really realistic.
  3. Yeah and it means that i was right again, they revealed the map exactly when i say they would do it. Now i hope, they've just gonna reveal it properly because two pieces of the map is really not beautiful to watch i think the entire map would be reveal today or tomorow or next week. Wait AND SEE.
  4. Yeah true the map would be revealed before the release game, to me this is the most important info they could give us.
  5. WTF are they thinking they play with their nerves, i can't wait to have more information and more about a PC version aswell like a release date.
  6. Sorry but i thought GTA was serious enough to take it seriously but obviously you took the fun part of the game i will try to keep that in mind. Anyone knows when more information are coming or do we have to wait to the E3 conference ?
  7. I'm just saying... take it easy dude no need to get mad now. This is over don't read the post on new city... Lol you troll all the time so i answer you got to be proud because it works on me.
  8. Ok reediting my posts is very profesional ? it is illegal as well... Anyway one day you will have GTA:USA and this day would be the greatest day but it won't be a GTA-like anymore plus a MMORPG i guess. Rockstar once said they wanted to make a MMORPG about GTA but the ressources consoles and PC can provide are not enough to run such a game for the moment but obviously they are open to this idea (famous GTA-WORLD). Imagine thousands of player on the same map in a huge GTA making your gang, your missions together that would be great.
  9. I know what you are going through bulletgt, they need a bit more education. Where are you coming from ? And the brochure may repeat some information but it is normal they saw the same preview to me it looks much more different and ilike that way plus we have some exclusive news coming from them, they did a good work.
  10. Indeed to the frenchie (me) lol whatever i have maybe a strong way to express myself but i am like that, and i can't change it. That was so obvious what you wanted me to say ? A man on the water could only be skiing that's all sorry if some people are shocked by the way i explain things. Do they have good sides ? Joke...
  11. Wow guys you are doing an amazing job, can't wait to see when the real map would be reveal to see how close you were.
  12. You know what you can ban me lol ? Respect you because you are older than me so i have to respect retards only because they've been here longer than i am ? That a show of stupidity. And i am not here for you admins or moderators i am here because i love GTA so stop your crap now and just shut up, you kids talk about your fucking life and your bullshit all day long instead of just talking about the topic, and you dare to involve your moderators status ? If you were a good one you would just talk about this topic and do something about it instead of just laughing at people who tries to speak about the game. I bet this is all your life there. miserable...
  13. Lol i already talk to scottish, and he does not sound bad ? And i really would prefer voice forum so people here should learn about respect, disrespecting people while someone is typing is much easier than using his voice. But now let's back to the topic.
  14. Yeah ithought it too when you first show it but after 5 sec of reflexion and concentration i can tell you it isn't. The front of the car on the new screen look a bit more massive and less lenght than the LCPD car. And beside those are police cars they look close because they were designed to be as effective as possible.
  15. Thank you so you see i am not crazy and ponctuation is not a part of the english language only then, i don't only have dificulties to type english but french as well, you know more we move in time, and less we type, in several years we won't type or write anymore we'll all speech and those speech we do now, would be audio records. But you right i talk much better than i type. Sorry for the people who read me.
  16. Sorry marcus you miss understood me on that one... I was talking about LA and NYC, so Los Santos should be bigger than Liberty city. And dense means not bigger so LA is still bigger in area size.
  17. My english is comprehensible by anybody i talk to before, you are the only one here who play on that. So to me whatever you say does not really matter. Obivously i upset you so bad, and you can't answer me back because you don't know what to say to counter my speech then you always talk about my english but if you didn't understand me how can you know i talk trash ? Of course now you are pretending to be older than 20 years old, then before you say you were 15,16 god this is serious, you need to see a doctor guys.
  18. That's your problem then not mine you can't be serious sometimes ? So your life isn't as well.
  19. Tome GTA has to be set in America after all where do you have all the fun in your life, only in America everywhere else would be boring and look more as farcry than something real. In America what we do in GTA has a sense and it is not that crazy even if we kill people, for example a lot of french wants a GTA in Paris or marseille, but it would definetly sucks, because there is not big thing there only little crimes and drug dealers. In America you have all: crime, joy, cry, love, hate, and mostly fun etc. and all of that is coherent unlike anywhere else. So that's why we will only have GTA in America and it is good, look GTA London it was not that fun game, if you compare to the new 3d GTA Version. Now with 3D just stay in the greatest country, and plus it is easier for them to modelise what they can see everyday. Oh and my US city i would like to see implemented Vice city back (Miami) and why not Chicago ? there is a lot of gang there and this is the most dangerous city in the world from what i heard. Could have some nice thing but it won't be as sunny as LA.
  20. Fucking retards.......... Just go learn to read the fucking post and preview it says at multiple times that we won't be able to switch from character to another while you are wanted. I am lazy to find the article after all your have eyes like me. And it is simple to concept come on i have police so i switch and magicly i am out where is the fun in that way of playing none. You really don't know how to read instead of telling that my english is not proper you should just go to school instead of running a forum with a majority can't even be here and play the game.
  21. To me Los Santos should be bigger, because in real life it is simply as that and the game is about to be bigger in general so why not Los Santos and how can you be sure... NYC isn't the biggest city as a lot of people think it is. So i hope to see a bigger city this time so we can have fun in MP.
  22. Is he standing on water in the bottom right? Yeah he is, we call that water skiing. -God where the hell all their inteligence goes tell me... -Surely not on this forum son. -Thank you god. Whatever... Epsilon is waiting for you and mostly for your money lol
  23. His spirit will remain lol what the fuck is that all about, obviously i am not the only one who disturb this forum with my answers and my way to express them.
  24. To me it looks like a ocean picture not a river, but i could be wrong.
  25. They confirmed you wouldn't be able to switch while you have stars...