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  1. Life is a crazy place. I knew him decently. I have feint memories because I've lived some crazy times myself. I had him on Facebook myself for a long time. David VanEpps was his real name of I'm not mistaken. I lost touch on FB shortly after my deployment when I kind of left the world for a while. Never knew this happened till tonight. Crazy.... Sorry for his wife. She seemed nice. He and I had some important things in common. I can ramble on but all I can say is nobody should take for granted now.
  2. Anyone, Im not asking you to have anything to do with the page, because its a European site, and also, its pretty much female cosmetics. All Im really asking for is plenty of likes to help the page out. I appreciate it!
  3. I was wondering if there is anywhere I can advetise something. Its just a facebook page I want likes for nothing else. Its technically selling something but all I really want is likes.
  4. Yo thats totally what I was thinking. ^ Maybe cause its like all men
  5. Me with a dog at the motel I go to every year. He belongs to the owner and I became his favorite quickly.
  6. So I bought this and the first one and I love em. Anyone else have this game. I play it a lot now.
  7. ^Same here. Im gonna go see it in a few weeks again in IMAX
  8. Saw this today all I can say is fucking amazing. Absolutely perfect. Nothing at all to complain about
  9. If you like him yes. It started slow but first two episodes were alright.
  10. Yeah tosh is def the new current show i actually laugh out loud at. If i could say recent that turned bad was Two and a half men...fuckin hilarious till someone decided to put Ashtons pathetic failure of an ass in there. One of my old school favorites too I just feel like mentioning is Frasier. And of course classics who went south the simpsons and family guy and to a lesser extent of recent failure south park.
  11. Definately a tiger. Not sure which type cause there are a lot of kinds. Probably a white Tiger. I love all large cats pretty much.
  12. Ok dude. Im Bain since the first forums came out.....its for facebook. You can see your work posted on my wall every day. Its not another forum its for the cover pic. Like Bain. Miguel Bain.
  13. Awwwww No takers? This forum used to be filled with people who would make anything,
  14. Its not for this website. But if whoever makes it thinks it will look shitty then maybe a gray/black/white or something else..... I mean plus dude Ive been here for a while....Im not a retard.
  15. Ok so I need someone with talent to make me a graphic. It should be about 850 pixel width 220 height a little more is alright but try not to go under. I wanted 4 pictures blended into each other kinda transparent like Far left picture should be the one with the white jerseys. And in the background or however best you see fit I would like the Madhouse on Madison in the back less visible than the rest. And if possible a red tinge to the entire thing. If anyone wants to try this it will be greatly appreciated and I will touch your penis. Oh and obviously you can resize the pictures however necessary or you see fit
  16. Chritian Bale overacts to a ridiculous extent. I cant believe nobody brought that up yet.
  17. I dont really like them too much but I like ones with a more realistic story to me like Batman Spider Man and the X men. Thats all I like and I never read the comics or anything. Just the cartoons
  18. Congratulations, want a cookie? You just gonna troll or maybe bring something to the conversation we were having.
  19. Man Im pretty impatient with this one Ill be better because Im a lot more patient than I was all those years ago when the last one came out but I hope you can complete the storyline without jumping through a million rings of fire. Yeah it should be tough but I hope all they consider to 'completing' is side stuff thats unecessary to completing the objectives like with gta
  20. I dont mind her why do you? Im hoping she plays it well at least and Im not as familiar with Bane so thats why. It seems as if shell be fighting with Batman which is intriguing.