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  1. took this pic yesterday, too bad my cel takes crappy pics... the white camaro parked next to me, you dont see 2 camaros very often here
  2. it snows in japan, you know? a lot... get it... they are great. ive actually driven a subaru around a track and the amount of grip in the corners was amazing, even when wet...
  3. i dont know what to expect of the album... but at least theres a tour so im excited about that
  4. http://www.cummingso...stock-10193.htm give them a call! you could also get a DB3 (DB mark III) for about £140,000, looks pretty similar but the price isnt that big because it wasnt in james bond movies...
  5. well, it wasnt GTA V but i had the chance get Uncharted 3 like 4 days early for $78 and i decided to wait.
  6. Its an Ibanez Gio, i think its a quite decent guitar considering its not an expensive one, id recommend it to anyone who wants to learn how to play... anyway, im getting a new guitar soon, i still havent chosen one though i also have an acoustic yamaha
  7. Kamahl

    Uncharted Series

    i beat it yesterday on hard... definately the goty, and i think my favorite of the series (hard to choose since they are all great) 10/10 i think by the way, it never froze here
  8. Kamahl

    Gran Turismo 5

    like 500 MBs i believe
  9. Kamahl

    Gran Turismo 5

    yeah... well, the in-car view works well with standard cars like the caterham, tank car or formula 1... not as good as premiums but its ok... it doesnt really bother me cause i never play with that view. by the way, if you like watching the GT5 videos like me, you might want to download the new 2.0 intro movie that replaces the old one... i like it a lot more than the old one, and i dont have to listen to that shitty my chemical romance song.
  10. Kamahl

    Gran Turismo 5

    http://www.gtplanet.net/gran-turismo-5-dlc-coming-october-18th-includes-spa-francorchamps/ SPA!!! must buy that track pack... a little bit disapointed about the cars pack but ill probably end up buying the full pack for $12
  11. Kamahl

    Gran Turismo 5

    http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/10/05/gran-turismo-5-new-free-updates-dlc-and-price-drop/ this makes me happy
  12. well, that part of the city is... the non touristic places are absolutely awful
  13. this is my daily driver Suzuki Swift GTi my car looks exactly the same as that one... On weekends i drive this (this is an actual pic) '67 Camaro RS If i had the money, i think my perfect 5 car garage would be: Ferrari F40 Jaguar E-type convertible series 1 '70 Dodge Challenger R/T Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 Alfa Romeo 8C
  14. Lima, Peru im pretty sure im the only one here