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  1. 32" Samsung LED (1080p, 120Hz) I like it, I couldn't go any bigger because of space limitations but 32 is enough.
  2. ENVi3

    Battlefield 4

    I'm looking forward to this. I have about 400 hours logged into Battlefield 3 and I still play it every once in a while. There's really no information out there other than they plan to release it in 2014, so I'm not sure what there really is to say about it... We'll just have to wait and see. I didn't start playing BF until Bad Company 2, but it's been fun since then.
  3. conversation with tech support guy:Guy: Before we proceed, I need you to answer a security question that you have set up.Me: OKGuy: Who was your childhood hero?Me: uhhh.... I made that answer a long time ago and I'm thinking of something, but I'm not sure .... Guy: I'll give you a hint, It starts with a BMe: BatmanGuy: *chuckles* yes, we can proceedlol ... I was thinking the answer was Spider-Man, but I guess not

  4. I know I've been around since the hype for San Andreas ... so I guess early '04 (or even late '03 - I'm not sure). I do know I used to visit a forum for Vice City, but I doubt it was this one so I guess it doesn't count.
  5. ENVi3

    The Titanic

    There's actually a Titanic exhibit open here in my city: http://titanic.unionstation.org/ I'm not really sure if I have the time to go check it out anytime soon, so I'll have to pass...
  6. it's missing Snake vs. Monkey and something else too though. from: http://thesnakesoup....ion=news&t=5504I don't think it's a reason to not get it.
  7. did they really? I thought it was just a download code so you can get it off the PSN. ... and this topic reminds me I haven't played through Peace Walker, yet. It's the only MGS game I've never played before.
  8. ENVi3

    PSN Thread

    yeah, the Twisted Metal servers are pretty broken as of right now. I manged to get into a game last night and it was pretty fun. Deathmatch is the only thing available right now (or I guess Nuke is too, but I couldn't connect to a game to try that out). I experienced practically 0 lag when I did get to play online though. It's a pretty good game. The controls are tight and I think it runs at a constant 60fps no matter what's going on (don't quote me on that). I've been a fan of TM for a long time and I've played all the others games, so my mini review could be a little bias. I'm pretty excited for the new game. The demo made me go from thinking "I used to like TM and this new one could be fun too, but I don't know if I want to drop $60" to a basically pre-ordering it immediately after playing it for a while. [EDIT] online seems to be working just fine tonight.
  9. yeah, I think I remember seeing MGS2 has a trophy for collecting all the dog tags... meaning you would beed to play ALL the difficulties at least once to get them. I'm not really a trophy kind of person so I have no problem with not trying to get all the trophies.
  10. I used it once just to check it out, I guess. I basically just used something similar to this to guide me.
  11. US Charts: Vogue - Madonna UK Charts: Killer - Adamski AU Charts: Vogue / Keep It Together - Madonna I just used this: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/birthdayno1
  12. ENVi3

    Battlefield 3

    I remember in BC2 I used to be pretty good at sniping. I would pull off some pretty consistent headshots and I had a good feel for the bullet drop. I usually mostly sniped to counter-snipe. For this game I never really bothered that much. I just PDW'ed my way through the Recon class. The maps in BF3 are kind of designed in a way that enemy snipers don't really bother you, so I've been just fine not trying to counter-snipe. I guess part of it is because BF3 is focused on vehicles more than BC2 was.
  13. nah, I just did them on Normal. I was going to do them on Hard, but I figured I wanted to be sure I would be done before school started back up again. Normal is still midly challenging though. I don't think I want to try European Extreme until I memorize everything and get 100% comfortable with the controls. Is it basically Extreme with no rations or is it with game fail on alert? or I guess I can look it up... it seems like it's both. no rations in MGS2 and the alert fail for MGS3. One hit kills too I usually try to play without shooting anyone (unless I feel I have to tranq someone to make thing a lot easier or I'm in a hurry) or using any equipment (I lol when I come across ammo and stuff like that and I can't pick it up because what i have is full), but I'd hate to not have rations or hiding from alerts to fall back on.
  14. The collection has been out in the US since early November, but I didn't pick this up until recently. I've played MGS2 and MGS3 so far. They are pretty amazing. The HD upgrade puts them on par with a lot of games out today, and the games were so advanced when they came out that as far as content/gameplay goes, they don't feel too aged. Even when I tried playing Metal Gear 2, I found it hard to belive that game came out in 1990. MGS2 includes the VR missions and "Snake Tales" so there's lots to do there even if you complete the main story. I played those games a long time ago, so it was good to play them again and catch everything I missed, especially knowing MGS4. There were a few nostalgic moments, but a lot of it I didn't remember/recall so it was almost like discovering things again. I find it hard to believe any MGS fan would find a good reason pass out on this collection.
  15. ENVi3

    Battlefield 3

    I've only skimmed this topic so I can't really add too much the conversation but I've been playing this game since the beta on PS3. I've played quite a bit, but school is starting up again so I'll be limited on my play time in the next few months. Here are my stats: http://battlelog.bat.../202721749/ps3/ The multiplayer is pretty fun; I used to play only Rush but got tired of (defending on) those really boring maps so I switched to playing mostly Conquest - it suites the lone wolf playstyle more, I like to think. The campaign was meh. I only played through it once and don't really plan to play through it again. The F2000 is ok, but the FAMAS is better. I know they are thinking of nerfing those guns. I'm enjoying the FAMAS currently, before the nerf. I think it's more about the high ROF guns (with predictable/controlable recoil) usually work the best for aggresive forward players, so that's why they seem a little OP, since those players are the ones getting high kills anyway. I've tried all the Assault Riffles, Carbines, LMGs, and PDWs (I have at least 100 kills with each of them) and it's really mostly a preference thing. I think it's more of a grind to get the supressor and foregrip.
  16. ENVi3

    Uncharted Series

    IGN reviewed this game at a perfect 10/10 they are pretty infamous for rarely giving out a 10 http://ps3.ign.com/objects/094/094314.html
  17. I had Nokia 6263 for years (with T-Mobile) and then I switched to this: I've been pretty satisfied with the phone and service. I'm paying a whole lot less with a bunch more features.
  18. ENVi3

    Google +

    I never got an invite so I don't really know. I haven't heard any of my friends or anyone really talk about it, so I assume the responses this thread is getting is the general consensus probably. Maybe once it opens to the public it will get more attention.
  19. Arkham Asylum was load of fun, and I'm expecting about the same or more. I definitely will get this, but there's a lot of games coming out this Fall ... I will most likely wait for some sort of price drop to get this though, along with a bunch of the other games coming out this Fall.
  20. some more HD pics: http://www.andriasan...hd_kojima_pics/ http://gamingeverything.com/?p=7730 http://gamingeverything.com/?p=7682 (video) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Which MGS is your favourite? MGS3. I think it was just so well done. It had so many little things, like all the camo, all the weapons, the radio, healing parts of your body, hunting for food, the stories the nurse and sigint would tell, EVA, young Ocelot, and the bosses especially the whole story behind The Boss ... I did have trouble pulling that trigger at the very end of the game. Which Boss did you like the most? The Sorrow, it wasn't a traditional 'fight' but it just had that haunting feel, especially since the 'fight' changes depending on how many people you kill. Which boss fight was your most epic? Old Snake vs Liquid Ocelot... when Snake Eater started to play... and then it was "Naked Snake vs Ocelot". I felt a little emotional, and it's just a bare fists fight too. What location did you like the most? Shadow Moses. It's just so iconic, especially since I played the demo for MGS1 so many times when I was young. Your most memorable moment? There's a few. But I'll just share the funniest one. In MGS2 I really don't remember where but it's fairly far into the game, you're sneaking around and you hear some music and you go into a room and you see a guard with headphones just rocking out, so it's one of those "oooookk.... i'll just back out now" sort of momments lol
  21. because it was a PS1 game? maybe it has to do with difficulty in making it HD or maybe some sort of licensing rights? I really don't know. After trying to look it up, it looks like the Japanese version of this collection has a product code for MGS1, but we get Peace Walker - so it's kind of a trade-off. also, it looks like this collection is going to be on the xbox too. @ DuPz0r - I'm not ignoring your questions, just a little short on time right now. I'll be back on later.
  22. I guess it's just something I've never really noticed before.
  23. ENVi3

    Uncharted Series

    I'm late to this topic but I played the beta and I thought it was ok. Nothing that makes me want to buy this game, but it's definitely a nice add-on to just the single player. I'm kind of in the minority, but I haven't even finished the first game... I just got bored with it.
  24. I played Assassin's Creed 1 a long time ago when it first came out and I only got Assassin's Creed II about 2-3 months ago and I just barely did the DLC for it recently, so I'm looking to move onto Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood pretty soon. [EDIT] I just watched that gameplay for Revelations and it looks pretty bad ass. I have to wonder why there was no HUD and no way of knowing that to do next, but it's probably something that will be in the full game and this was just a clip to show off.