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  1. Fido 14


    When will the PS4 feature Gaikai's cloud streaming service? I want dat backwards compatibility.
  2. My favorite character is Podrick Payne because he has a big dick and knows how to use it.
  3. Likewise. Cable is for fools.
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    2. Fido 14

      Fido 14

      He's bi. He used to have orgies with guys and girls. Now he has one female partner and one male partner.

    3. DiO


      its evolution

    4. SONOFTA1


      It's Alex37, remember me? I know you always liked me, because you are going to prove it. Yep, you will open a topic in the asylum, where you'll show all the members that Alex37, the indomitable troll from Israel, who is 19 years old, has sent you this message, so that everyone will start hurraying that the Jew is back (I never left, actually) and that he again messages people. This shall be the proof of your eternal love (which is mutual <3 ) toeards me. Do we have a deal?

  4. Fido 14


    The SEC is not going to let these bad boys untouched. It's a pipe dream, fellas. By the way, bitcoins are traceable. You'd have to wash them and go through other processes to make them pretty much untraceable.
  5. Happy Indigenous Genocide Day!

    1. Rayge


      Nothing like celebrating genocide. 'Murica!

  6. The only beards worth 'miring are thick beards, not pretty boy beards. No homo.
  7. Beer: Hoegaarden, Krombacher, Victory HopDevil Cocktails: Old-fashioned, White Russian, Screwdriver Spirits: Jim Beam bourbon whiskey
  8. Will GTA 5 be ported to the next gen?

    1. OptimumPx


      As far as we know right But since there will be a PC version and they've said nothing about it so far, anythings possible.

    2. Qdeathstar
    3. Rayge
  9. I like frango de churrasco e costela de vaca, served with rice and fries.
  10. Hannah was a freak in the bed and a stage 5 clinger; she'll prove to be Dexter's biggest mistake.
  11. What's the point? I don't know, maybe some people want to get high at their workplace.
  12. You can tweak these to vaporize some cannabis, although I don't know if it'll mask the smell.
  13. World War Z was decent.

    1. Kwarb


      Did you read the book also? pretty good, as far as books go anyway...

    2. Fido 14

      Fido 14

      No, so I can't compare the two.

    3. Cameron
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    2. Fido 14

      Fido 14

      It's just a nature documentary.

    3. DuPz0r


      I guess you were searching for monster cock to fap to when you found this vid, amirite? :P

    4. Fido 14
  14. This Is the End was hilarious -- gotta see it unhigh now.
  15. I liked the finale; it's a harbinger of things to come. Not all finales have to be extravagant.
  16. $75,000 fine for this? strong homos
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    2. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      "how is that a gay slur?!?! seriously, the gays need to stop throwing tantrums over small stuff like this. he said´╗┐ no homo, as in, i didn't mean that in a homosexual way. are the gays saying you can't say you're straight now or clarify? it's ridiculous."

      I agree with this^

    3. Qdeathstar


      Well, if he had of said no honkys, he would have gotten a pass.

      NO honkyS!

    4. jobo


      Thats how we roll in Indiana and 75 aint shit for roy.